Friday, June 02, 2006

Photo Problems, Little Purses, and Fun....

Apparently blogger is still having problems uploading photos. I've been on their message board and I'm not the only one having this problem....although I have noticed some other bloggers are able to get photos on their blogs. ??????

Apparently I'm only able to upload one photo today! I tried to show more than one and they won't upload. This is crazy!!

Here is the ONE photo I can show today....I created this little purse several years ago. The purse is about 9" not including the tassel on the bottom which is about 5" long. It's all made using crochet thread. I used two strands on the bottom area. The tulip design is a modified knitting pattern I saw. The larger tassel at the bottom is made from some leftover yarns and some embroidery threads, and the smaller tassels on the drawstring are made from embroidery thread.

I was busy last evening. I made four 12" squares to send off to Drew for his Heartmade Blessings. I've been trying to send four squares each month but during May I was gone and then had so much to do that I didn't get any this month I'm going to double up. I'll send four now and four a little later in the month.

The squares I'm sending this time are made from some of the purple yarns that my friend, Gail, sent to me. photos!!

I've also been trying some new techniques from this magazine. I also love the magazines published by Stampington. They have a lot of my money!! If you haven't already seen their magazines (and I'm sure you have) it would be worth your while to check out one of them ....they have several. I've said this before, books are my weakness! And my definition of books includes magazines and just about anything with the printed word! It's like chocolate is to some people. I MUST have something to read and something to look at all the time!

Well, this whole post is so disjointed I'm not sure it makes any sense! I'm really not happy that I'm not able to upload more photos. But each time I try, it goes through the process, tells me it's done but then there's no photo! All my photos are sized for the web so they aren't big. And as I said earlier, I'm not the only one having this problem. I'll keep my fingers crossed for tomorrow......


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