Thursday, June 08, 2006

Potpourri today

We are whirling around here at Chez bee-cause. I'm working on several projects but I'm not able to share them with you right now. My grandson has a birthday coming up ....he will be 14! And then there's Father's Day. And once it gets to be June it seems as if time just flies by around here. We usually have company for the months of June and July.

All of this is why I haven't been posting each and every day recently. I'll try to do better. But please don't hold my feet to the fire on this!!

First, I'll share one of the photos I took at the recent cook-out. I took quite a few but sadly, many of them didn't turn out. I think I had the flash turned off and as the day turned into evening I forgot to switch back. Anyway, here is HB relaxing in a papa-san chair....does he look relaxed, or what???

And here is our little LuLu doing the same thing....I snapped her yesterday afternoon on the family room couch. NOTE: She did not have a beer!!

I wish I could show you a photo of me doing something like that but I've just been too busy! Here's a shot of my workroom right now. This will give you an idea of what I'm talking about....

Once again my work space is a MESS!! I have sooooo much stuff crammed into that little room that when I start pulling things out to create something....then I have no room left to work! I've re-done this room numerous times and it just doesn't work for me. It's a small bedroom (I think it's only about 10 X 10 or somewhere in that range) right off the upstairs hall. HB wants to put cabinets on the walls and maybe install a counter top with underneath storage. That would be nice but it means emptying this room....and that's no easy task!

This post is kind of a catch-all! I'm also going to include a photo of the squares I sent off to Drew for Heartmade Blessings. These are the ones I made using the purple yarns....the ones I told you about several days ago.

That's all folks!! I'm back to the workroom.....see ya tomorrow.


  1. You may be whirling, but the other inhabitants of Chez bee-cause look very relaxed! :-)

  2. Wow, those squares are beautiful!
    I don't usually ask, where you got the pattern, because I want look and surf myself. BUT...

    Your my standards, it's should see mine.

    What are all those things on that table, looks very interesting.


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