Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Secret Revealed!!!

We have all been on pins and needles around here. I was so excited this morning that I could barely think! And why, you ask? Well, as promised....I can now reveal the "secret" about SWHP.

Last week she got a phone call from a woman connected to this program on HGTV!

They had noticed the ad SWHP put on Craig's List! The contact person from the program came by a few days later and absolutely loved the shop. She called a bit later and asked if the show could come by this morning and FILM in the shop!

SWHP was actually on camera with Lee Snijders. She said he was really nice, and funny,.....and cute!! I love this show. I watch HGTV quite a bit....especially when HB isn't home! I love watching all the decorating shows and seeing what they do with just a little bit of money.

Here is a photo of SWHP on camera with Lee.....she said it was weird to have Lee standing right next to her but then having to talk to the camera.

And here's another one of the two of them in the shop....

The bummer is....the show won't be on the air for 6 - 8 MONTHS!!!! They will send her a tape, and will let her know when it will actually be shown but it won't be anytime real soon.

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  1. Oooh, cool! You'll have to tell us when! (I've never seen the show, but I'd watch the one your daughter's on.)

    PS..she looks a lot like you!


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