Thursday, June 01, 2006

Teasers, crochet, problems....and a new baby!!

Things are just a little bit crazy right now around Chez bee-cause. Lots of things happening that I can't talk about yet! I know....that isn't nice to dangle something out there like that but I just CANNOT talk about it yet. Just know that it's all good.

There has been some progress on the circles afghan but still just little stacks of odd shaped pieces so I'm not going to bore you with a photo of that! I'm really curious as to how this whole project fits together. I've never made anything like this before. Oh, I've made afghans in pieces but they were squares not circles! I like working on something that I've never tried before. I like to challenge myself once in awhile.

When I first learned to crochet, my Aunt Dotti showed me the basic stitches, gave me some yarn and a hook and told me to play around with it. I think that was the best advice ever because I don't feel as if I have to follow the rules all the time. I made some pretty hideous things in the beginning but I kept at it because I just love the feel of the yarn in my hands and the rhythmic action of the hook going in and out of the stitches. I actually find it almost like meditation when I crochet.

For years I only crocheted with yarn. I always admired the dainty, frilly things made with thread but every time I tried to work with thread it felt like I was crocheting with air! Finally one day I just decided to do what Aunt Dotti told me before....just play around with it. I began randomly making the stitches with thread, and more-or-less forcing myself to practice with it. And all at once I realized I was crocheting with thread and enjoying it.

That's when I started making those little purses that I showed way back on another post. I made a bunch of those! I'm not really a doily kind of person so the little purses were the only thing I could think of to make with thread.

So now I'm gonna bore you with a couple more of "my creations"....NOTE: I have been trying all morning to upload photos and there seems to be some kind of problem at blogger. I'll continue to try to upload them but so far, no luck.

Totally different subject (see how my mind jumps around!!) my cousin's daughter had a baby on May 25th. An adorable little girl named Kaelyn. She will be introduced to the family later this month at an open house. Kaelyn has a big brother named Cal and a sister named mommy has her hands full, I'm sure. We're excited and happy for the family.


  1. You are not boring me, I would love to see what you have made.

    Sometimes blogger has a tantrum and doesn't want to post pictures. Then we just have to try again, later.

    Where do you have pictures of the purses you made? I have a thing for purses, heheh.

    I have made a few doilies in my life, but only because I "had" to.

  2. Ok, I went browsing, and found your drawings. OMG, they are beautiful.
    Your birds are gorgeous, and the tulip is stunning. You really have a gift, girl!

    I think I have to dig up my drawing stuff. I draw people, and sometimes horses, but nothing to write home about. just doodling.

    I need to check all your posts.


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