Thursday, June 22, 2006

There's someone new in my life!

A few months ago a little guy showed up in my workroom. He was shy and wouldn't show his face. But finally, I guess he got used to me and decided to reveal his personality. And he trusted me enough to tell me his name....Ned.

Ned is a bit of a daredevil. I caught him climbing the apple tree this morning! He hasn't been outside much so he's a bit pale and difficult to photograph. And he is in desperate need of a haircut!! His hair keeps falling into his eyes. But he's totally against doing anything with it.

I no sooner turned my back and he was over in the star jasmine! I guess he was enjoying their sweet smell.

I didn't think I would have time to introduce you to Ned today but as it turns out, I was able to get the photos uploaded before we left for Burbank. See ya tomorrow....and if you see Ned getting into trouble someplace, tell him to get back home!


  1. Ned is a little sweetie. Thanks for the introduction. And hello to you Janet. I met you via Vicci's blog. My parents RV'd ful-time for seven years. What a wonderful life it was.

  2. I love Ned! He is one of the cutest little characters I've seen for a while. He is adorable.

    I'll keep my eyes on him, so he doesn't get into any serious mischief.

    Have a good trip!

    Oh, and Thank you for the nice comments in my blog!

  3. Thanks so much fro stopping by my blog and posting a comment :) Ned by the way is just too cute :)

  4. Ned looks very mischevous! :-)

  5. Thanks everyone for your Ned comments. He's still a bit shy so I put him on the shelf in the workroom.

  6. Ned is the best!
    I think I just saw him sawing a hole in your netting though to get to the grapes..
    bad Ned!


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