Friday, June 23, 2006

Treasure in the Mail

Don't you just love to get stuff in the mail? I haven't done swaps or exchanges but I see other people post about participating in them and the excitement of getting a package in the mail. I guess we're all still just kids at heart.

Even when I know what's in the package, it's still exciting to open it, take out the contents and carefully examine each and every thing tucked inside.

I didn't walk down to the mail box today. HB went. And he casually sorted through the bits and pieces that we received, placing them into "my" mail and "his" mail. I wasn't paying attention but then he handed me "my" mail and there was one of those very distinctive priority mail envelopes.

I quickly glanced at the front and let out a squeal of was
this book that I ordered from Robin Atkins!!

She wrapped the book in some lovely tissue paper printed with delicate dragonflies, and even tucked in a little bag of pretty yellow flower beads, and some Interleaving paper. Sorry the photo isn't better but my little camera is limited.

I danced around the office (not much dancing as the office is small!!) and sat down to look through the book....gorgeous....beautiful....inspiring....I'm sure I will devour this book tonight!

I'm also sure this will become one of the books on my "keepers" that I will look at many, many times, read over and over again, and I will look back on this day as the beginning of a fun-filled romp through beadland.

Thank you, Robin, for putting your knowledge into a book so that I can learn and grow and create more and better things. So that I can keep track of my progress and improvement, I'm including a photo of a couple of little bits I did yesterday.

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  1. Debbi Brown8:31 PM

    I promised I would look in on you, and here I am! One of my all time passions when I was in high school and first married was my beadwork and braiding. Both have gone by the way side because of the expense. I would love to take them back up again, and eventually learn how to bead from members of the Crow Indian Tribe. That was one thing I promised myself I would do and never have! Enjoy your beading! The work you posted is awesome!


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