Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Vintage, Baby!!

Once in awhile I actually get the urge to clean and organize things! Don't laugh. It does happen. So while doing that very thing last week, I came across a box of stuff labeled "keep" that I decided to go through. Hey, anything's better than actually cleaning!

Well, as I rummaged through all sorts of little bits and pieces of memories, I came across a small box that looked very old. Curiously I peeked inside and found this...

What a find!! A real antique!! It's my very own Baby Book....lovingly done by my mom, oh, so many years ago.

Well, I couldn't resist. I sat right down and went through everything. The envelope contained these items....

the instructions for making formula!....a card listing the visiting hours, and on the back my mom had listed the names of the people who came to visit her each day from Tuesday until the following Wednesday. Then there was a small gift card and two little tape bracelets, one for me and one for my mom....the bracelets put on us at the hospital! There was also a Certificate of Registration of Birth (not in the photograph above)....all these items were in the envelope. At the bottom of the little box, underneath the book I found this....

little piece of vintage (!!!) gift wrap paper. No mention of who it was from or what gift it contained but it must have been mom's favorite because she kept it.

The book itself contained all the appropriate bits and pieces of information about the new arrival. I weighed in at a healthy 7 lbs 11 oz and was 19 1/2" long. The doctor and four nurses names are listed, there's the newspaper clipping telling of my arrival, and the birth announcement that was sent out so everyone could know I had landed! Apparently I smiled for the first time at two weeks, got my first tooth on July 3rd (at 9 months, 1 week, and 5 days old!!) crawled at 6 months, stood alone a month later and took my first step at 8 months! Obviously I was eager to get going!

Photos shown here were taken at three weeks, two months, three months, five, and six months....I must have had a zit or something during the fourth month and didn't want to be photographed! On the facing page are some tiny snippets of my hair. The little bow is still intact for "two years" but the hair has either disintegrated or fallen out because it's missing and I'm pretty sure I had hair at two years of age!

The book contains stories about my first birthday....I had chocolate cake with pink lettering and a pink candle, and mom listed all my gifts and who they were first Valentine's Day, Easter, Christmas, and all major celebrations and holidays. I must have had a very busy social calendar!!

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Old King Cole was my favorite nursery rhyme but I said Old King Cone. I apparently liked the song Let it Snow and when I heard it on the radio I would say "Kay's song"....I find that one very intriguing because to the best of my knowledge no one ever called me Kay! Janet Kay, but not just Kay.

Anyway the traipse down memory lane was enjoyable and I had a good laugh over some of the entries, plus learned a few things I didn't know about myself!!

The last page contained these photos of me up to three and a half years....


  1. Linda4:12 AM

    What a lovely record to have of the joyous occasion of your birth. All I have is my birth certificate (sniff). :-)

  2. Is this cool or what!!??? Don't ya just love finding things like this!?

  3. What a great find, especially those wonderful photos!

  4. Wheeeeeee! Little Robin wants one of these too....

  5. How very much you were loved, you had a special mom. I to have a book that my mother did for me, not as many pictures but lots of information. WG


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