Sunday, July 02, 2006

Art and Journals

Everyone seems to be "talking" about Anahata Katkin and I can certainly see why. Be sure to check out her page marked Journals. It is just jammed full of eye candy. I like her style. It seems rather dreamy to me.

And if you would like to read her blog you will find it here.

Another artist I like is Lisa Vollrath. Be sure to check out her how-to articles. I love looking through them, and I always learn something new.

This is another amazing artist I recently found....Gina Livingston Murray. She has some interesting linoleum carvings and prints. I like that her work is centered around healing.

Ok, that's all the new artsy links I have for you today. I hope you enjoy them. But I have one more site to share with you. This past Christmas my daughter Molly gave me this as one of my gifts. I have enjoyed using it and thought I would share the link with all of you. Maybe you already know about it but if not maybe it will be something you will enjoy, too.

I have Life Journal installed on my computer and use it as my daily journal, and also to keep track of my goals and personal habits. Its quick and easy to use and so far I have had no problems with it. I can put entries into categories so they are easy to find if I want to go back and refresh my memory about something. In the past I've always used regular written journals but if I want to go back to an entry I better remember the date when I entered it or its almost impossible to find.

If nothing else, I should have more shelf space since my journal is now in the computer. Here are just a few of my written journals....

....and no, I don't keep my journals on the stairs!! It was just the only place where good light was still coming in when I took the photo. They actually "live" in my workroom.


  1. I've been wondering about switching from hand-written journals to computer. Do you find you still get the same benefits from journaling?

    Thanks for the links... Gwaaaadddd... I'm in awe of the creativity and brilliance, and a little afraid of never getting out of my computer chair...

  2. Robin - I think I get about the same from computer journaling. The part I like best is that I can go back and actually locate an entry without too much trouble. But I can't journal in bed (no laptop) so that would be the only drawback I can think of. The thing I want to try is the visual journaling - using painting, drawing, collage, etc. Haven't done any of that yet.

  3. Amazing, I check out all of the sites you listed. The one that really caught my attention was off of the gift Molly gave you about the journals. I found a Christian one that really looks like fun. Thanks for all the great info. WG

  4. WG - glad you liked it. I thought it would be nice to make a link to LifeJournal since I enjoy mine so much.


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