Saturday, July 01, 2006

Blue sky on a Saturday Morning

Recently I saw this idea and thought it sounded like fun. The only thing I'm afraid will happen is that all my photos will look the same because the weather will be sunny and hot all the way through the summer. We don't get a lot of changes here in the least not ones you can see in the sky. The temperature goes up, and the wind blows but the sky usually stays a clear bright blue.

But I'm joining in and will hope for some puffy little white clouds to wander by once in awhile or maybe even some streaky ones or anything that will break up all that blue! Mind you, I'm NOT complaining! I love the blue sky and the fact that I can plan an outdoor cookout or picnic and not have to wonder if it will rain.

So this is my first official photo for....


  1. Beautfil blue skies! :)

  2. Beautiful Sky. Ours change quite often, so if I watch I could getsome puffy cloud pictures.

    Right now my blogger doesn't want me to post ANY pictures.


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