Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Camping in Yosemite....

Last month I mentioned that I met HB on June 24th of 1990. One of the first places I took him, after I got to know him a little, was my favorite place on earth.... Yosemite! He had never been there so it was extra fun because I got to experience it all over again through his excitement. We both enjoyed camping and hiking so it seemed the perfect place for a three-day vacation when Labor Day rolled around that year.

First of all I got to have my first experience of camping with HB....and believe me it was an experience!! He is so organized that he has a list of supplies to always include when camping, then another list of things for each particular trip. I kind of laughed at the lists but over the years of camping with HB I've learned to appreciate the organizing. We seldom are caught needing anything that we don't have.

We camped in Tuolomne Meadows because we wanted to avoid the crush of people in the Yosemite Valley area. Any time you go its packed but most especially on a holiday weekend.

HB loves photography so I knew he would have a field day and he did. His camera had smoke coming out of it (not really!) after only a few minutes of our arrival. But he did take a lot of photos!

I showed him all the spectacular views, and I even made sure we entered the park from the perfect location so that as you emerge from a tunnel the view that opens out actually takes your breathe away! He loved everything! We have tons of beautiful photos from that trip, and one of them is a 20 X 30 photo of Half Dome that hangs in our family room.

But my favorite one has a story attached to it. One morning we decided on a hike for the day that would take us through Tuolomne Meadows and along the Tuolomne River. We each had a small backpack plus HB wanted to fish in the river so he had all his fishing gear and then of course there was the photography gear including a rather large camera bag and a tripod. Well, HB took the fishing gear and I ended up with the camera bag and the tripod.

The day started off great...we saw so many pretty views and a few animals but HB didn't take a photo! More hiking, more beautiful scenery....HB didn't take a photo. This went on for the whole day, and by the afternoon I was getting a bit.... let's see....what's the word....oh, yes, I remember....pissed!!!

I had hiked all over with not only my backpack but the camera bag and the tripod and not one single photo had been taken.

We finally came to a spot where HB decided to fish. He got all set up, threw his line out into the river and fish started jumping up out of the water....but they over to his right! So he moved over there, threw in the line and more fish jumped out of the water....only this time to the left! This kept going on for several minutes while I sat on a big rock watching from the background.

For some reason I finally looked away from HB and the fish (they were very entertaining!) and as I did so I saw the most beautiful scene. It was late in the day and the sun was still up, only just barely....and the moon was rising from behind the mountains into a lavender-blue-pink sky. I almost couldn't speak but finally I said "Uh, you might want to look at this"

HB turned around, by this time he was NOT in a good mood because of the taunting and teasing from the fish, and took one look in the direction that I was pointing....he ran for the camera bag and the tripod and got everything set up in record time and snapped the one and only photos of the day. I love this photo and we also have it in a 20 X 30 size. It hangs in our office so I can see it every day.

Unfortunately my scanner does not pick up all the detail of the photo, and it appears much darker here than in person, and the moon isn't very clear. Believe me that in person it is a beautiful photo but this it it online.....

I'm sorry to be so late posting but apparently blogger was having another meltdown because I could barely even open the site....let alone try to upload a photo!!


  1. What a beautiful park.
    The picture from the night is breathtaking. I can imagine the feeling you must have had watching the sunset from this place.

  2. Beautiful picture Janet. If this is the not so satisfying online version I can't begin to imagine how gorgeous the really mccoy is. The colors here are almost unreal.

  3. m.m.m.5:30 PM

    I've always loved this one too..!!

  4. I just love sister worked at the park for many years and I use to drive over there alot...I climbed Half Dome...(back in those younger in better-shape days)...have many wonderful pics! I'd love to see the photo of Half Dome that you have...I need to visit yosemite again...wanna go?

  5. Thanks everyone for all the nice comments on HB's photo. It really does look so much better in person!

  6. The photo is gorgeous. I have a few photos from Yosemite on the one and only time I've visited there. Odd when you realize I've lived fairly close to it for over 30 years now. And the one time we did go, we ended up camping there by default, our car broke down on the way into the valley. On our way out of the park we got as far as Tuolumne Meadows and set up a tent in the dark. Didn't know where we were. Woke up in the morning and discovered we were sleeping in the most gorgeous field of wildflowers I've ever seen.

  7. laume - with all the traveling you do I'm surprised that you haven't done yosemite! But it is getting very crowded!


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