Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hot Damn!! or was that Damned Hot?

Have I mentioned that it has been HOT here!! And the wildfire is still burning but as of 9 PM Saturday evening it was 50% contained.

I took a photo of my kitchen clock Saturday afternoon (at about 17 minutes to one).... Edited: Not sure why the color is all wrong on this photo. My wall is actually a gold color!!!

And here's the temperature at that time on Saturday....

Notice that the thermometer is in the shade! If it had been in the sun it would have been soooo much higher. The official high was 107ยบ!

HB spent yesterday morning putting the finsihing touch on a new mist system all around the patio. It makes such a difference if you want to sit outside....the mist is just enough to cool the air and make it enjoyable. I do love a handy man!!!

And speaking of handy...nice segue huh!! is a project HB just finished.

All redwood and copper. I love it!! Don't I have a talented Hubby Bubby!!


  1. That sculpture your hub made is way cool!

    That temp...sheeeesh! I thought we were bad at 95-ish! (Actually, we ARE hot and humid, but it sounds like you're worse!)

  2. Janet...Please send some MIST this way!!!! Soooo dang hot!

  3. deb - Thanks!

    vicci - I agree...too dang hot!!


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