Sunday, July 09, 2006

How I spent my Saturday evening....

Today was a bit warm and we had more humidity than usual. It was a good day to just sit quietly in my workroom and bead. At least that's what I thought. Instead I spent the afternoon and most of the evening on my hands and knees crawling around on the floor.

This is what happened....

I knocked over an entire container full of teeny tiny seed beads! And as you can see in the photo, I have carpet on the floor (which I hate, by the way!!) Its slate blue (color doesn't show very good in the photo) and the beads are green so they show up a little bit. Actually the beads show up much better in the photo than they do in the room! Plus that is the corner of my workroom away from the window so its not as light as the rest of the room. And when I'm bending over picking up beads I create a shadow over the (NOT) helpful. I had to pull the floor lamp over to that area and turn it up as bright as it would go so that I could see each and every one of those little beads that somehow managed to roll into crooks and crevices I didn't even know existed in that room!!!

And I haven't finished yet! It got dark and I really couldn't stand it any longer. I have to pick them up one at a time because I don't want them to fall down into the nap of the rug....I would never find them all!

To top it off, there were all kinds of things stacked around that table. So I have to go through all that stuff to find if any beads are hiding in any of those things. Here, little beadie, beadie, beadie....

Ain't beading fun???? (I know....don't write me....that's not a word but sometimes its the only one that fits!)

And I had thought I was going to have something else to show you....other than a floor covered in beads!


  1. Ouch, that's a nuisance.

    Well, if you still have some beads on the floor, you can vacuum them up. Just put a cloth in the suction thingy, and then vacuum, and you should get the beads in the cloth.

  2. I think that you are supposed to put a piece of panty hose over the hose of the vacuum. Then you turn it on - put it over a bucket or something - turn the power off - the beads should fall into the bucket.

    (P.S. thanks for the link)

  3. pirk & judi - thanks for the vacuum tip....although the room would probably really go into shock if it saw a vacuum coming in there!! I try to avoid that at all cost!! Dust bunnies are my friends!

  4. The Linda7:39 AM

    Oh me or my, did I get a chuckle
    out of this post. Hope that doesn't irritate you, but I have been there/done that and your little event just cracked me up.

  5. the linda - no I'm not offended! Actually I had a good laugh at myself after the initial being mad at myself wore off.


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