Sunday, July 30, 2006

I'll have some w(h)ine with my breakfast!!

The heatwave is over....for now anyway. Friday afternoon was almost enjoyable! And by evening the temperature was into the 70's....a range that I can endure. Saturday was a pretty mild day, too.

Now for the whining....the temperature dropped and the wind speed rose. By the time I went to bed Friday night the wind was blowing at about 20-25 MPH with wind gusts of eleven-teen hundred! It was really blowing!!

If it ain't (I know it isn't a word but sometimes it just works!!) one thing it's another. Wind and I don't do good either. It just seems to burrow into my brain and whirl around inside throwing everything into chaos. Sometimes I think of it like fingernails on a blackboard....eewww. Irritating!!

We actually had to close some windows (it was cool enough to have them open!!) because the wind was just ripping through and everything was banging and clanging. But we were still able to sleep comfortably with no a/c. So I guess I shouldn't be whining!

I must be related to Goldilocks. I don't like it too hot or too cold. I don't like it too humid or too dry. I don't like it too windy....I like it just right!! Do y'all know anyplace like that?? 'Cause I'm ready to move there!

No wonder these wind powered thingies are all over the high desert! We could probably power half of downtown L.A. with the wind that ripped through here Friday night! And it's blowing pretty good on Saturday night, too.

Whine....whine....whine!!! Could you please pass me that wine....I think I need a drink!


  1. White or red? :-)

    (I wouldn't have liked it either)

  2. LOL,,,well we get lots of wind and lots of humidity in Tennessee,,I don't like that either. I guess there really isn't any place that has the perfect enviroment is there? Hope its calmed down there now. We are suppose to heat up to 95 tomorrow,,yuck!
    Have a great Sunday!

  3. Wind always seems to enter my body and rattle my bones and spin my thoughts into a twister. I get antsy in a strong wind that rushes through the open windows and bangs the doors open and shut, sends the windchimes frantic and pulls my delicate voile bedroom curtains out the window.

    Yes, Janet, I was told to colour in 'nicely, within the lines' but I was a wilful child and did my own thing, and was constantly told
    I was being messy and untidy. Thats how I got kicked out of needlework at school, my piece of sewing was covered in pinpricks of blood and grubby marks, yet I love sewing now.

    A large glass of red wine for me please. Love and Hugs xx

  4. Isn't it awful? First we feel as if we're living in an oven. Now it's a wind tunnel. Why do people think Southern California is so great? Move over and share the w(h)ine!

  5. deb - make it white! Goes with eggs!!

    beth - I hope you don't get too hot back there but I think our heat is moving to the east!

    daisy - love your description of the wind! And red it is, just for you.

    kathy - I agree! Why did I think SoCal was so great!! Can't remember cause my brain is fried!

  6. We're back to our usual weather. It's been delightfully pleasant the last several days.
    When I'm a bit whiney my best friend always says "want some cheese?" That's my clue that I'm being a bit of a pill...


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