Thursday, July 20, 2006

The "In" List

Once again it's time for wordplay. I hope you decide to play along because it sure is fun. I usually do one of these and then a few days later think of all the words I should have included!! When I sit down and try to think of words beginning with a certain letter my mind goes blank!! But in all fairness, that happens often no matter what I'm doing! So here we go......

N - is for NO....I hate that word!

N - is for noggin. Sometimes I fail to use mine!

N - is for nest. I am a nest-er. I like to make my surroundings comfortable.

N - is for Nevada, the home of Las Vegas....or as HB says, Lost Wages. A fun place to visit.

N - is for Nikola Tesla is someone HB admires. If you don't know who Tesla was, you might want to check here and learn about him.

N - is for nebulous. For whatever reason, I like the sound of this word!

N - is for nugget, as in gold. HB and I owned an old mining claim near Cripple Creek,'s where we were married. We found lots of very small bits of gold but nothing big. Darn!!

N - is for Thich Nhat Hanh. One of my favorite people, and you might like to learn more about him here.

N - is for Bob Newhart and David Niven. Two very different men but I enjoyed both of them when I was younger. I loved Newhart's phone skit about King Kong. And David Niven always seemed so suave and sophisticated.

N - is for Naveen Andrews, Sayid on "Lost"....OMG is he gorgeous or what!!! I hope HB doesn't read this!!

N - is for non-fiction. When I sold books online my inventory was mostly non-fiction. And my own personal collection is mostly the same. I read novels but don't keep too many of them....even my favorites.

N - is for Native Americans. As a child I was fascinated by Indians (the name we used way back then before we got PC) and liked anything having to do with them. I still enjoy their art and writings.

N - is for nuclear....and I know how to pronounce it correctly!!!

N - is for nectarines and noodles. No, not together!! Nectarines are one of my fav summer fruits....too bad the ones in the backyard aren't good to eat. And noodles are also one of my fav foods. My grandma used to make noodles and dry them on a clean dish towel hung on a broomstick placed between two chairs. That's an image, isn't it!

N - is for nocturnal....something I am a lot of the time.

N - is for nutrition. I don't know a lot about it but I think most of the stuff we Americans eat is just plain junk.

N - is for nice and nutty. Two words that I think describe me.

N - is for nostalgia. I can be nostalgic at times but I don't want to live in the past. I'm having too much fun right now!

N - is for negligee. (Sadly for HB) I'm not a fancy nightie/negligee kind of person! I know....too much information!

My photo collage isn't very detailed this time. I'm going to blame it on the heat! I just didn't want to sit here too long at the computer!!


  1. MMMmmmm Naveen Andrews, very yummy we might find ourselves fighting over this guy. Can;t work out whether it is the actor I like or the charatcer he plays. If you win, I think Sawyer's pretty yummy too. We won't tell our other halves though. I think nebulous is a cool word just sort of says what it means doesn't it? Love xx

  2. Nice words Janet! And yep,,Naveen is NICE!!!! Love the collage too!
    Stay cool sweetie,,we are suffering here too and some high humidity to the 100 degrees and its deadly!

  3. The collage may not be super-detailed, but I like it!

  4. Hi Janet,
    I saw your comment on Lee-Ann's and decided to visit you. I'm also from CA (SF Bay Area)
    Love your collage! I'll visit again..please stop by and visit if you'd like :-)

  5. I will have to join this wordplay...sounds fun! Stay cool today girl! I am melting into nothing! It's so HOT! Have a good weekend!

  6. daisy - either way would be ok with me! I like Sawyer too!! Don't we have great taste in men!!

    beth - thanks and try to stay cool

    debr - thanks! could you pass me that margarita you're holding!!

    sue - thanks for stopping by and I'll do the same at yours

    vicci - I hope you do join in. It is so much fun.


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