Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Little Bakersfield Trip Humor

I will continue my previous entry and share a few more photos with you.

I couldn't resist this one that I saw on a restaurant.

Is it just me or do these foods just NOT go together!! This is not a sign for two separate places....this was for one restaurant.

And this is a road sign just outside of Bakersfield. Everytime I see it, it just makes me chuckle.

In case you aren't able to make out what it says, it is Weedpatch Highway!

I love road signs and business signs when they are funny or just don't make any sense. It seems that I never have my camera when I see most of them but this time I came prepared.

This next photo was on our way home. Big thunderheads were starting to form in the afternoon. But we didn't have any rain.

From time to time I will photograph the area where we live. It's just been so hot that I haven't wanted to get out much! I'll do better once it cools down a bit. We had a few drops of rain yesterday afternoon and it didn't get as hot as they had predicted (111ยบ was the last prediction I heard!!) and for that I'm thankful.

HB and I got out early in the day to run some errands. On our first stop, we finished our shopping, came out to the truck that had been sitting in the sun, so was hotter than blazes....and it didn't do anything when he turned the key! Not a click, not a eeerrrr, nothing!

So there we were, in the sun, and the truck was's our 2000 Ford Ranger pickup. We originally bought it (used) for me to drive when I was selling books but later HB kind of took it over and I went back to my little Honda. The truck has never once not started on the first turn of the key, and has given us no problems at all.

HB got out in the sun and messed with things under the hood (???) and finally said we would just call a cab, go home, get the Honda, come back to get our groceries out of the truck (we had a cooler with us) and then see about getting it fixed.

Which is what we did. While HB was looking under the hood he discovered that the battery in the truck was the original one put in at the factory (!!!) so he bought another battery, we took it over, and shezam!....the truck started right away.

So after much delay we finished our shopping and went home. (We lead such an exciting life!!) The part that we're really thankful for is that it happened that day and not the previous one when we drove to Bakersfield!


  1. The fried chicken/ Chinese food sign reminds me of one I saw last time I went to Cincinnati. I wished SO much I'd had my camera on me, but I didn't. The restaurant sign said they served Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, and Mexican food. Um, yeah. Okaaaaay. (I almost wanted to eat there just to look at the menu! Almost.)

  2. Omigosh, Janet, I'm exhausted just reading this. The road sign and chicken/chinese was a hoot. So glad you had the camera to record this. Hey, you were only about five hours south of ME!! **grins**

  3. Those clouds are beautiful! We took our cooler shopping with us this week, too.
    It's usually not necessary here, but our "natural air conditioning" has been on the fritz :-)

  4. I love the photograph of the thunder heads, I have often read about them in american books but did not know what the clouds looked like. They are amazing. Over here, our storms are not too bad and usually the clouds are grey with a sort of strange yellowy tinge at the edge. Love xx

  5. deb - That might me more than my tummy could take!!

    annieelf - hey, what's five hours on a hot day!! I shoulda dropped in!!

    sue - we always take our cooler during the summer. If we didn't we would have ice soup instead of ice cream when we got home!

    daisy - I guess we are always interested in what we don't have. I love reading about England!! But then maybe that's because my grandpa was from there.

  6. Great pics Janet! Yummy Louisana chicken and chinese,,lol. So glad it was only the battery with the truck. The heat and cold are the 2 worse things on batterys.
    Hope you have a lovely Monday!

  7. beth - it does sound so yummy doesn't it? (not!) yes, we're happy it was just the battery and not some computer thing that would mean replacing half the truck!


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