Monday, July 31, 2006


In case you thought this was going to be about something yummy....its just the next letter in wordplay!! If you want to know more about it or would like to play along, just click the link above or the "wordplay" button on the right side of my blog and you can learn all the details.

And I goofed up by posting my "N" words before I posted my "M" words!! I wrote this list and saved it, but forgot that I hadn't posted it. I really thought I did but I went back through my archives and couldn't find it anywhere. So I'm probably in big trouble with my kids...see the first entry below!!

M - is for both of my kids. They each have all M's as their initials.
M - is for mom....that's what they call me, and also what I called my mom.
M - is for Maryland. Never been there but my dad served aboard the USS Maryland during WWII. He kept a painting of the ship in our living room so I grew up with it.
M - is for married. I've done that three times, and they're right, the third time is a charm!
M - is for macroni and cheese. NOT the kind that comes in a box with neon colored powdered cheese but the kind made from scratch, baked in the oven, with the cheese all bubbly, and the top nice and browned and just a bit crusty.
M - is for maid....oh, how I wish I had one!! The live-in kind. Then I could just "live" in my workroom and the house would never be a mess.
M - is for Mary, a name very prominent in my family. One of my great-grandmas, my maternal grandma, two of my aunts, and a cousin all have the name Mary.
M - is for marshmallows toasted over a campfire. I like them burned on the outside and all melted on the inside.
M - is for Manzanita, my oldest granddaughter. We call her Manzi....she is named for the tree.
M - is for mystical, mythical, musical....all words I love.
M - is for margaritas. One of the few alcoholic drinks I can say I really enjoy. I don't think Mexican food (another M word) is complete without a good margarita. I like them blended ....or on the rocks....salted rim....or no salt....but I don't like them pre-mixed. I want the real deal, made individually and preferably with Grand Marnier and Jose!
M - is for Montana. Beautiful, big sky country. HB and I thought about buying land there and building a house but there's just too much snow and cold weather for me.
M - is for mountains. Being a gal who grew up in the flat Midwest, I love to be able to see mountains all around me, love the majestic quality they have.
M - is for musicals. I grew up with movies like South Pacific, Guys and Dolls, My Fair Lady, etc. and I loved them.
M - is for meat....something I don't eat. My paternal grandfather was a cattle rancher and I grew up eating good range-fed beef but the stuff in the stores today is not for me. I'll just stick to veggies, soy, and some fish once in awhile.
M - is for mangle....something I do with the English language and punctuation! Sorry I'm just lazy about all that. And on the grand scale of things it is way down on my list of things to worry about!
M - is for middle-aged and according to the Oxford American Dictionary, I still qualify!
M - is for Mayberry, that TV sitcom place....small-town America where everyone is friendly....I'd like to live there.


  1. Mmmmm's....I've got to join wordplay! My cat is home...he is sleeping that "healing sleep"....I just might take a nap myself today!
    I'm going to read your Yosemite story now....

  2. Marvelous, m'dear! :-)

  3. vicci - its fun! jump right in.

    deb - thanks!!

  4. I LOVE your granddaughter's name! I also love margaritas - maybe I'll treat myself to one tonight. Hmmmm.
    Mangle - do you remember when that was something you used to do laundry!? I do. My grandmother had one.

  5. Magnificent M's,,love the word play. I am going to try it soon!
    Have a great day Janet!

  6. mmmmm,
    Love the mac & cheese and margaritas!
    The funny part? My oldest granddaughter is also a "tree"
    (Sequoia) Coya for short...
    I think it's a bit late to jump in for Wordplay, but I love the idea!!!
    It's a great way to learn a bit more about you..

  7. Mythical, mystical and musical, must admit that just about sums up a lot of my interests. What a beautiful name your grand-daughter has. Love musicals too, when I visit my children in London, my daughter and I also go to a West End musical as a treat. I love Oliver, Oklahoma and Les Mis. M is such a good letter don't you think. I must look into this wordplay it sounds fun. Love and Hugs xx


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