Friday, July 21, 2006

My First Big Purchase....

Today I'm going to drag out another item from my closet of "saved everything my whole life!" You would not believe some of the things I have held onto over the years. I look at some of them now and think "Why on earth did you keep that"....but I guess I'm just a "keeper."

I can remember as a child reading books about people who had family heirlooms or things that had been handed down through generations in their family and for some reason that idea appealed to me. I often wished for things that had belonged to a distant relative, long gone. My mother kept some things but not a lot. Her mother was the same. So I didn't grow up with a lot of items handed down to me.

Maybe that's why I keep so much stuff. But the truth is that neither one of my kids has that same gene. So I've saved all this stuff just for myself. And that's ok. But now I'm in the process of trying to sort through it and rid myself of some of the excess baggage.

This brings me to this photo of myself when I was about 12 or 13 years old. I don't particularly like this photo but it shows me wearing the first outfit that I purchased with my own money.

I got an allowance....I think it was about 50 cents in the beginning and then it moved up to a dollar later. So in order for me to buy a dress I must have saved for quite awhile.

The outfit was a two-piece knit top and skirt in a raspberry red purchased at J.C. Penney's. I can still remember going into the store with the money and knowing what I wanted to buy. I probably saw the outfit earlier and decided it was for me.

And here is the outfit....saved all these years!!!

Please excuse the busy background. I photographed it on an afghan with close to the same color in the hopes that the dress would show up a bit better. Not sure it worked!

Sorry about dragging you down memory lane again but it's just too hot to get outside to take any photos.


  1. OH Janet,,you still have that sweet smile! The only item of cloting that I have from my childhood is a little blue baby dress and a poncho that my Mom crocheted for me. The poncho was so pretty it had fall colors in it,,and I loved it.
    You stay cool,,we are a little cooler today and rain and storms tonite and tomorrow!
    Have a fantastic friday!

  2. Janet,
    I'm back again and I just know I'm going to be a regular visitor here. We must be close to the same era! I didn't save my first purchased outfit, but if you go to my post of May 29
    you will see that we have a certain similarity for saving!
    Thanks for the glimpse back...

  3. So the question is - are you now getting rid of the outfit?

    I've been decluttering too - or rather, I was before it got to HOT to move - ugh!

  4. Nice Picture.

    BTW, I said Hello to Drew, from you.
    He said thanks and smiled.

  5. What I enjoy most is that it was your first clothing purchase... major independence there! You and I had the same hairdo (sp?) at that time, but it looks better on you.

    Oh, yes... and I totally enjoyed your N list from yesterday!

  6. I love the color of the outfit and that photo of you is adorable! That lovely smile...those curls! Too cute!

    PS...I have that "love the idea of heirlooms" gene too.

  7. Janet, your picture is just plain adorable. I love the finger curls and I can see the softness of the white trim on the sweater. I was thinking that it would be so nice if you had that outfit and then lo and behold, there it was. Such a pretty ensemble and now totally vintage. Do you have a granddaughter? If so, she might love playing dress up in granny's clothes.

  8. Thanks for all the nice comments on the photo.
    beth - hope you get some cool rain.
    sue - glad you came back. I'll check out your entry.
    laume - I'll probably get rid of it! It doesn't fit anymore!!
    pirk - thanks!
    robin - the FIRST of many!!
    debr - glad I'm not the only one with that gene!
    annieelf - sadly my granddaughters are 15 and 18 and way past the dress-up-in-grandma's-clothes age. And they live in Hawaii...but I love the thought of it.

  9. Janet -- That is glorious!!! wow, what a treasure. Kim

  10. Wow! That was a cute picture mom..and the outfit looks like it is in perfect condition! Too cute!

  11. The Linda6:45 AM

    Now I imagine Dr. Freud might have something to say about your keeping that object from so long ago for so long, but I find it to be just the sweetest thing for some reason.

    I have a mother who doesn't necessarly believe in sentiment or holding on to things that are past, especially material things. I adopted that some habit to a degree, a tiny degree - not completely, because I find I love the things from long ago. And it's
    been in later years, that I now wish there were things of my youth to be touched and felt.



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