Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Old-time Hanky Panky....

Bet you wondered what this was going to be about!!!! Nothing X-rated, I can assure you. I'm just being playful today.

Sometimes I'm amazed at all the things I have managed to hold onto from my past considering that since I left my parent's home at 18, I've lived in over 50 different places in more than 10 states. To say I've moved around a bit is an understatement! But part of that was the 10 years that HB and I were full-time RVers.

A few days ago when I was on that cleaning binge, I found more than the baby book. I found a pretty quilted box full of handkerchiefs....and most of them belonged to me! That tells you how ancient I am!! There were a couple that belonged to other family members....I could tell by the initials embroidered on them.

Many of the handkerchiefs were gifts to me from my friend Gail when we were kids. It was an accepted thing to give a birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, or any other holiday card with a hanky tucked inside. What do you think today's teenager would do if they got a hanky in a card!?

I always liked handkerchiefs and used to carry one in my purse all the time. I like the pretty flowered ones and the nice, delicate ones with lace edgings. It seems to be an item from another era....when things were much gentler and sweeter. I don't think I ever used them other than maybe to wipe off my hands or something like that. They were just pretty to carry.

So today I give you just part of my hanky collection....they are shown as they were hanging to dry after I washed each and every one of them. They're such light, delicate fabric that they dried in minutes.

If you don't carry a hanky anymore you could make one of these for some little girl in your life.

This is someone else just like me and she has put her collection online here. Many of the ones she had listed are very similar to ones I have. I don't think I'll sell mine though. They have too many memories attached to them.

Here are some of my brightly colored hankies after they were wasked and ironed....yes, I actually ironed them!!

And these are a few more of the more delicate hankies....many with lace or embroidery or crochet....

I know this has absolutely nothing to do with the 4th of July but I thought there would be plenty of blogs written about that. HB and I will have Molly and Don here for a cookout and then fireworks in the front yard. We don't actually do the fireworks ourselves but there are soooo many people in our neighborhood who put on quite a nice firework display that we just pull some chairs into the front yard, sit back and enjoy! My head usually can't spin around fast enough to see all of them. I guess I should take some lessons from Linda Blair!!


  1. You were/are quite the collector... I only have a couple of my old ones that have survived all the moves and garage sales. They make great beading cloths.

  2. I loved this, I don't remember giving the hankies. I think you may know more about my youth than I do LOL! I am sending you a scan of a quilt, it's funny as Laura just got all of her hankies out and washed and ironed them and is trying to decide what to do with them. I have had a hankie in my purse ever since 2-10-76 wouldn't be caught without one. WG

  3. That is quite a collection! I's jealous. I always wanted to make a quilt or something out of the ones I have, not quite the collection like yours!

  4. m.m.m.5:29 PM

    those are sweet! ~Mol

  5. Ooooh, purty! I have a few, tucked into boxes. Maybe some day I'll do something with them. I've seen some really cute rooms done up with hankies hung in a row in a window instead of curtains.
    I don't remember people giving hankies for holidays, but I do remember they were a fall back gift for birthdays or Xmas. My stepdad actually asked for some one year.

  6. laume - thanks. I keep thinking I'll actually do something with these besides take them out and look at them once in a blue moon!


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