Saturday, July 22, 2006

On the Road to Bakersfield

If anyone who reads this is familiar with Bakersfield, CA then you know that to choose to go there on one of the hottest days of the summer is....well, downright crazy!! But choose, I did....guess that means I'm crazy!

HB had to go to Bakersfield on business and asked if I wanted to ride along with him. My first thought was "No, do I look crazy" but then I reconsidered and said I would go. It can be a bit boring to make a drive over there all alone so I decided to keep him company.

Plus a few people have expressed an interest in photos of the high desert area so I figured it would be a good opportunity to possibly get some photos.

The thing I forgot was that I would be speeding along the highway at somewhere around warp speed and to get a photo out the window would be next to impossible! But I tried. And here are a few of my attempts....the first three photos are taken about thirty miles from our home, along Highway 14 heading north.

These tawny colored hills remind me of suede draped over rocks. I love the colors of the desert and unfortunately they don't really show in my photos. But if you think it all looks beige then you would be wrong! There are so many colors but they are very subtle and they all just seem to blend into one another in such a beautiful way.

The next one is a photo of just a few of the wind driven power generators (otherwise known as windmills!) that dot the hills between Mojave and Tehachapi along Route 58.

There are quite a few cattle in this area but these were the only ones we saw.... I guess they were all seeking shade somewhere else!

This is such a beautiful scene near Tehachapi and my little camera doesn't do it justice.

For those of you not familiar with this area, we live about 100 miles southeast of Bakersfield. We prefer not to use the I-5 but take the "more scenic" route using the smaller highways.

Since we were in the a/c most of the day while traveling back and forth, it wasn't too bad, but when we had to get out for anything the heat was just like a heavy, damp, wool blanket surrounding me....too much!


  1. Glad you posted this as I now have a better idea where you are! Some of our dearest friends are moving to Tehachapi in the near future. (Their children live in Las Vegas)
    I always think the desert has its own unique beauty.
    It's beastly hot here too!

  2. Its great to see photographs of where other bloggers live, it sort of helps you visualise where you live when you are commenting to them. Love xx

  3. Girl...You are crazy! It's so dang hot here....I can't even think of getting dressed! I'm in a t-shirt and that's it! I like the photos...I do think the desert has a beauty all of it's own!

  4. Oooh, I'm so glad you shared the photos. Those are beautiful!

  5. Those are all reather nice photos of the desert, actually. I don't think I could get that nice an image from my camera speeding along in the car. And I know what you mean about the colors - they're very subtle and difficult to capture.

  6. I was trying to say really and rather at the same time and it came out AT the same time. Oops.

  7. sue - the Tehachapi area is beautiful. I agree about the beauty of the desert.

    daisy - I'll try to do some photos a little closer to home after the weather cools a little.

    vicci - I hope it cooled off a little for you. I'm with you on wearing as little as possible when it's this hot!!

    deb - thanks! That means a lot coming from you because your photos are always so great.

    laume - It wasn't easy! I do love all the colors in the desert. Some times of the year there are more than others but it always has a certain beauty.

    laume - no problem! I got what you meant!

  8. I like that route to Bakersfield too. Oh...did you know there are yarn shops in Tehachapi? Bead shop too!

  9. The Linda6:32 AM

    Thanks for sharing your photos... what fun for this armchair observer.


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