Friday, July 07, 2006

Purple Passion....

If anyone out there in blogland has been reading my blog for any length of time you know at least one thing about me....I love purple! So what could be better than this glorious veggie that I enjoyed for my dinner last evening....

Beautiful purple cauliflower! When I saw this at the grocery store I just couldn't resist. And it was delicious!

HB and I were discussing summertime foods. It doesn't seem to be summer without good, red, ripe, juicy tomatoes....and out here in Southern California they don't have good tomatoes!! The things we get out here taste like cardboard! I call them fake tomatoes.

But a lot of today's foods seem fake to me. I think fruits and veggies have been messed with to the point that they lose almost all their taste. Strawberries are another one. I bought some beautiful strawberries recently....they looked so nice. They looked nice and tasted like cardboard and had no aroma. Strawberries should smell sweet.

I tried slicing them up in a bowl with a little sugar like my mom always did. The berries would get very juicy, and I loved to pour them onto a slice of angel food cake and let the cake soak up all that sugary, syrupy goodness.

I sliced the beautiful berries I bought, added sugar, set them in the fridge and later in the day checked on them. They were just sitting there in the bowl just as when I sliced them! No juicy syrup. Nothing to pour over my cake. Just a bunch of sliced strawberries sitting there....looking beautiful.

Am I the only one who notices this? I don't like fake food!! I want my strawberries to be sweet and juicy, and tomatoes to be red and juicy....not pink and solid.

And in case you're wondering about that purple cauliflower you can read about it here.


  1. I sure do agree with you on the taste of fruits and veggies. Now here in TN we do have some delicious tomatoes in the summer time,,and some homegrown strawberries in the spring. The rest of the year we get cardboard tomatoes from Florida. I love purple too,,I want some purple cauliflower! (a friend of Vicci's)

  2. Janet....I love cauliflower...I have never seen the purple! Looks good! I agree with you about the tomatoes...I will not even eat the (fake tomatoes) here in California..unless I grow them! Janet..please do me a favor...go to my site and look underneath where you posted your last comment..either that one or the poetry one...and check out that girl who left a comment....go to her you think this is strange???? Or just her age???? Her site is called "Do you like me?"

  3. janet...the girl's name is maggie...

  4. beth - Oh, I wish I got get some of those real tomatoes and strawberries! My mouth is watering!!

    vicci - Yes, that is a little strange to say the least! I didn't go to her site but just the comment she left on your blog was enough!

  5. Heck, I'm so excited about real food that I can't even type!! That should say "I wish I could get some"

  6. Definitely - fresh and natural, and ripe! I have found that the best way to get all three is to shop at local farmer's markets. The food is right off the vine or the tree, and you know the money is going back into the community!

    That purple cauliflower is amazing! I have never seen that! So perfect for Project Spectrum ;)

  7. I don't think most people are aware of how much less intense fruits and vegetables taste these days. For one thing, I don't think a lot of people even eat fresh F & V's. People get their flavor hits off of processed foods, mainly sweet or salty. No one seems to no what to do with sour or bitter anymore. Spicy is back in style at least. But unless you have access to a real old fashioned vegetable garden, preferable organic, you probably have no idea that your tomatoes are supposed to taste like tomatoes, your carrots are supposed to taste like carrots, and so on. I used to bring homegrown veggies over to my folks until they told me they weren't eating them because they tasted too "intense". Oy vey!

  8. lolly - I agree with you about the farmer's markets.

    laume - and I agree with you about most people not even knowing what "real" fruits and veggies are supposed to taste like. I got a good chuckle out of the comment about your parents!!

  9. sarole10:17 PM

    Hi there. I came across your site while attempting to find out why my freshly bought grocery store strawberries are so nasty and bitter tasting (hard also). I haven't been able to find out exactly why. Genetic engineering probably, just like all the rest of our food. They have been adding moth genes to our tomotoes to keep them "firm" (read: bland, pink, and hard as a rock) since the early 1990s. Since no one has complained, it has apparently spread to all of our food now.

    I am so disgusted by the degradation of the food supply that I grow most of my summer food myself from heirloom seeds or purchase from the local Amish. The genetically engineered traits are starting to spread into the heirloom varieties now, also -unfortunately. Actually, I heard that Monsanto (if you've never heard of them, look into it, they are scary) has been suing(!) private farmers for "stealing" Monsanto's seeds. What is happening is that the genetically engineered pollen/seeds are blowing on the wind or being carried by pollinators from Monsanto engineered crops onto heirloom crops. Since the heirloom farmer can't produce a reciept for purchase of the engineered plants, they are charges with theft -usually grand theft since their entire acreage in cultivation is contaminated.

    This really is horrible and nasty. I don't really know what we can do except grow our own produce or support our local heirloom farmers, but even that is a good step. If we refuse to buy the cardboard garbage, they will eventually slow down their production of it (hopefully) -or they will ban us from gardening. Another thing we can do is to return the nasty produce to the place of purchase. That is what I plan to do. Just tell them the item is bitter, or tasteless, or hard, or whatever it is that is wrong with it. If you need a source for heirloom seeds, check out J. L. Hudson or some other company on the internet. You can even grow veggies in small pot son your porch successfully. Good luck!


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