Friday, July 14, 2006

Ramblin' along....

This being Friday, I'm a bit behind on everything. And, just tell me, what else is new!!! Too many projects....nothing new. Too much time spent on the computer....nothing new. House is a mess....nothing new. Need to buy groceries....nothing new. I think you're beginning to get the picture!

In just about every other way, I am a creature of habit. I've said that before. But its true....very true. I don't do well with change, at least not big change, so I'm perfectly happy to do the same thing, the same way most of the time.

But that also means I get into ruts and find myself doing things I don't even enjoy doing....but I've been doing it so long that it has become a habit. I guess like people who smoke or drink too much or anything like that. And then things that I would really like to make a habit are just so darn hard to keep daily exercise!

I've never been an athletic person. Nope, grew up in the times when girls were supposed to play with dolls and boys were supposed to play sports and be 'rough and tumble' Oh, don't get me wrong, I was a fairly active kid. I rode my bicycle, ran around outside, liked to climb trees, and all manner of things that weren't exactly girlie. But I never got into that habit of daily exercise. I was never on any kind of team unless you count when I got picked dead last for any team we had at school!

I used to tell people that I went through six years of PE classes, playing baseball every year....and never once hit the ball! And I'm not exaggerating! I was terrible at just about every sport we were forced to play.

Now, years later, I'm still that same person. About the only thing I enjoy is walking. Living in the high desert means that if I want to walk outside in the summer I better get up at 5:00 AM!! Or walk after dark....not gonna happen!!

I have a treadmill in the family room (!!) so I can walk and watch TV. Hey, don't laugh! It kinda keeps it all from being too boring! The only problem is I always forget to turn one of them on! Can you guess which one!!

All of this is to tell you that I recently read this blog entry about walking 10,000 steps per day! Earlier I also read about it here but couldn't connect to the exact entry because I wasn't able to find it. (I wanted to give her credit for it though.) Gerri also had some information about a pedometer that would keep track of your daily mileage! I think this is the one....maybe not the same store link though.

I think I will commit to trying this out. Ooops! I put it in writing! And I put it out there in blogland where everyone can read it! And I'm sure those millions out there surfing the web right now will see this and hold my feet to the fire if I don't succeed!

Seriously, I would like to try this out. I'm sure I fall somewhere in the 1000 steps a day category so this will be a big change. And until the little pedometer actually arrives here at Chez Bee-cause I'll have to just estimate.

Wish me luck!!!

And just bee-cause, here are some flowers that are still blooming in the backyard.

This first one is agapanthus (I think) up close.....

This is a shot along the fence....

And here is another shot of the agapanthus....they also bloom in lavender but the ones here are all white.


  1. the step program sounds great! I like that idea.. the flowers look gorgeous.. and the swimsuit..too cool! Where do you keep all of this stuff? haha ~Mol

  2. I am starting to find that the way to motivate myself and do things, is to announce to the world on my blog what I intend to do and that shames me into doing it. Please take some photos of the high desert for your blog. I love agapanthus, but they do not very well in the region I live. Love xx

  3. Love those agapanthus! beautiful

    ok, now for the walking stuff. I think I am way below 5,000 sedantary point ;0
    I made a D in high school pe (remember those ugly blue over sized jump suits that were sticky and hot ... why would I want to run around in that terrible thing in the heat, with no shower later?) and my mom said making a d was like making a d in Lunchroom ... I did discover later that i loved golf, racketball. lifting weights, none of which I do now. My friend and I decided we were going to join Weight Watchers...but I need to walk....but I am not sure steps I can fit into my day ;) Good luck to you!

    Yes, I would love to see the desert as well....

  4. The Linda8:27 AM

    Love the agapanthus!! Want some for my garden.

    As for the step program. The 10,000 step challenge must be a nationwide thing becuase my workplace is in the midst of a challenge to do 10,000 steps a day. Employes sign in and daily sign in the steps they've accomplished. Different locales are in on it and at the end of July or August, the locale with the most steps wins and hopefully a new habit is created for those that signed up - and that includes me!

    Go for it. You can do it!

  5. Hey, thanks everyone for the encouragement on the step thing!

    daisy & kim - I will try to post some high desert photos soon.

    the linda - that's great that workplaces are doing this! And good for you for joining in. Let's all get healthy!

    Mol - you KNOW where I keep everything!!!

  6. LOL,,I have a treadmill in front of a tv too,,and I bet mine gets turned on as much as yours,,I am doing better lately. Love those pretty flowers!


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