Saturday, July 08, 2006

Unfinished Business

Recently I began to list all the unfinished projects I found in my workroom. So far I've filled the equivalent of the Encylcopedia Brittanica!! Just kidding....but I do have quite a long list.

So one by one I'm trying to finish some of them. Today I managed three. I didn't take a photo of the first one....kinda boring! I had crocheted a scarf for charity and just never added the fringe, so this morning I cut the fringe and put it on the scarf. One down. Then I had started a felt needle holder quite some time ago. I finished that next. Two down.

Here is my needle holder:

And here is the inside of it....the stitches don't really look that bad! I don't know why they look like that in the photo! And it is even around the edges!

I'm using it for my beading needles. I had them in a tomato pin cushion but they're so thin that they just disappear right into the pincushion!

Next, I only had to add the buttons to some crocheted cuffs I made several years ago!! I made them but just never got around to adding the buttons! Does anyone else do things like that?....get 99% of something finished and then just leave it!

I thought the cuffs might dress up a plain sweater or something like that....and of course I made them in....what else....purple!

Hopefully I will continue this process of actually finishing projects. What a concept! I have one needlework project that I know I started back in the 80's!! And I still have all the instructions (the diagrams/pattern) and the yarns and threads. I think it might be crewel embroidery or something like that. Maybe I'll finish that one and give it to Molly for the would surely qualify for vintage!

I will post my "Saturday Sky" photo later in the day.


  1. I am guilty of leaving projects unfinished... we all are, it seems! Good for you for returning and finishing them up ;) I love both of them. Those cuffs are very cute!

  2. Your cuffs make me almost like purple. They are beautifully done.

    I am working on a freeform vest, which is never going to be done, maybe.

    I like your sky pictures.

  3. lolly - thanks for visiting, and for the nice comments on my little finished projects.

    pirk - you don't like purple??
    I bet you finish the freeform vest....I would love to see it.

  4. I love those cuffs!

  5. Someone (or ones) on the island where I live gives all their unfinished projects to our little thrift store. Every time I go, there's another 3/4 knit sweater (with pattern and needles), 1/2 finished needlepoint project, 3 matching quilt blocks (with pattern for the quilt), etc. Whoever it is packs them attractively in new plastic bags tied with matching ribbons, making them ALMOST tempting to me. How sweet it must be to give them up and not have them hanging around your neck... free to buy supplies for something new! Me? Well, I'm probably more like you, only I haven't even gotten around to making a list of them yet.

    Congrats on your progress, and I LOVE the cuffs.


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