Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Another book on my shelf

Once again I'm going to share one of my books with you. This one is just a fun little crafty book with lots of quirky items to make. The name of this book is Rags: Making a Little Something Out of Almost Nothing. The authors are Linda and Stella Allison. The book was published by Clarkson N. Potter in 1979.

This is one of the few color pages in the book. I shows several small items that were made from tossed away clothing from family members. I think that's one of the things that appeals to me about this book. I love being able to make something out of nothing! The book has a dedication to the authors mother "who never threw anything away without a fight." A woman after my own heart!!

This next page appeals to me because I love the hat this woman is wearing....very Mary Poppins! This section of the book talks about buttons and what you can make with them. I love old buttons....well, you know me....I love just about anything old!

This is the back cover of the book. It shows the table of contents as well as the original price of $7.95. There are several small stories scattered throughout the book, and a couple of them are real jewels.

Books like this from the 60's and 70's are some of my favorites. They usually are full of instructions on how to make all kinds of things. Sure, some of them are things you might never want or need but I still think it's fun to read about them. And who knows when I may need to make a decorative comb for my hair or a magic wand! And I think I may need to put my hair up in rag curls tonight....thank goodness this book gives me all the directions!


Harley update - Once again a visit to the vet! We're going to get a cot installed in the waiting room!! The drooling and slobbering is from an ulcer on Harley's tongue. Could be from something toxic that he walked in, then licked his paw. We have more medicine to try to get him to take. Notice I said try....it takes both me and HB to get a dropper of medicine into Harley. So now we have antibiotics and the new medicine....both to be given twice daily. The fun just keeps on coming!! But at least it seems to be helping.


  1. Do you remember wearing your hair in rag curlers? I do when I was quite young!
    Glad you've at least solved part of the mystery with Harley. Getting the medicine in is a real trick, I know...

  2. What a cool book! Again,,I am like you,,I love non-fictions. They did seem to be more informative in the 70s. I love the Poppins hat too!
    Poor Harley,,he's just got to hurry up and get better! Tell him his girl friend, Carl the female cat sends him get well wishes!
    Take care Sweet Janet!

  3. One of my few regrets from my last big move (from a house I owned for 24 years) to the island where I live now with my husband, is that I lightened my load too much. One poor choice was to get rid of my collection of old beading books from the '60s and '70s (gasp! NO!), including several Native American pattern books and one gem about French wire flowers. I guess there's always eBay.

    Thanks for sharing such a fun book, and for reminding us of their value, despite their lack of slick color photos.

    Hollie-Three-Bell-Huntress and I are opting for Harley's full recovery... sooner rather than later. If he fights the meds, he must be on the way. Thanks for keeping us posted.

  4. Go Harley Go, still thinking about him.
    I love that book, I have a big tin full of buttons, and I love the mary poppins type hat. I think I will take the quote 'She never threw anything away without a fight' as one of my sayings, it is just so me, I am complete hoarder and I think you are too!Love xx

  5. sue - I only had pin curls but that was a nightly ritual!

    beth - Hey, that must have done the trick....Harley is better today!

    robin - oh, no....I hate to get rid of books! Well, you know me I hate to get rid of anything!!

    daisy - Yes, we must be two of a kind! I think that will also be one of my sayings, too.

  6. This is amazing! I just found this book at the thrift store and I'm totally enamored. I'm trying to contact the authors, and came across your post. I know it's old, but thanks so much for talking about it!



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