Saturday, August 12, 2006

Beaded Angel Bug

With all that's been going on around here I'm surprised that I can remember my own name! I finally made it up to my workroom and just fiddled around with some things. A little of this and a little of that and oh, that's cute, I'll use that, too. No plan, no pattern, not even an idea...just needed to be in my room.

There were beads that had been left out (remember the bead fiasco from a few weeks ago!!) would think I'd learn my lesson but noooo, not me. Anyway there they sat without their lid so I thought I would use a few of them before they ended up on the floor again! Then some yarn caught my eye so that was added to the pot. I stirred it all around and decided it needed more stuff so I found some little plastic heart-shaped bracelets and they were thrown in....

The result is my beaded angel bug!!

I may add some more stuff to her but at least I'm creating something again.

Now for another subject. I read quite a few blogs (use bloglines to keep track of them) and since I like comments so much I always try to leave them when I visit. I have encountered several blogs (they all use blogger) where the comment button doesn't work. I click on it but nothing happens. Nada, nothing, no little box pops up to let me leave a comment. Has this happened to anyone else?

If you know a solution, please clue me in. Two of the blogs that come to mind right away are Tea and Margaritas in My Garden....don't you just love the name of that one!!...and the other one is Art Junk. I was able to contact Art Junk via her email a couple of months ago and the problem was momentarily fixed but now it's happening again. There is no email listed for the other blog so I can't even let her know.

There are comments by other people because the little comment link usually has a number showing for the amount of comments for that post. You know what it looks like.

I'm just curious if this happens a lot or if it's just me (am I being blocked??) And are there people who haven't been able to comment on my blog? Or yours?


Harley update: After talking with the vet Friday afternoon the general concensus is that Harley was more than likely hit by a car....a glancing blow....or by something or someone else. It was most likely a head injury that caused his "drunken" behavior. That's what he acted like....a drunk! He staggered, fell over, and seemed to have a glazed look in his eyes.

Through it all Harley has remained fairly calm and subdued. HB and I have agreed that all the things they did and said at the emergency pet clinic were all wrong! And I hate to say this but I think it was just to get $$!! Apparently none of the things they did would have made a difference one way or the other. And I still can't get over the fact that they wanted to give Harley anti-venom even after they said he hadn't been bitten by a snake! That just doesn't make any sense to me....except the anti-venom cost $600 and that would have been a nice chunk of change for them!

I shouldn't be so skeptical but it has been a rough few days. The person at the emergency clinic called here at 5:30 that morning to tell us Harley probably wouldn't make it! And obviously he has. Why would they say that if it wasn't true? That scared the poo right out of me!! Harley still isn't back to being himself....still no purring but he is able to get up the stairs and he made it up onto the couch. Both of those are huge improvements.


  1. Poor Harley,,and yep,,I agree with you on the vet statement. Our vet is like that too. Maybe in a few days he will start getting back to his old self.
    Oh,,I had the same problem with the blog commenting. I have found of you right click over the word
    _COMMENT and click open in the menu,,it will open up, and you can comment. Hope that helps you sweet Janet!
    Have a great week-end!!

  2. Loved your beaded angel! Glad to hear the update on Harley. Hopefully each day he'll get a bit better.
    Blogger can be very picky. I lost my whole template, the fonts went wacky, I wasn't getting email notification, etc. The commenting is an ongoing issue I'd say.
    But, hey, it's free!!!!

  3. Aww. I'm glad that Harley is doing better. Me too, I don't trust emergency vets at all! Good for you for sticking by your guns. RE: blogger, I've had a lot of folks tell me the same about my site. I think it has to do with your browser. I know Explorer doesn't work well with blogger. Anyway, I've steered people towards switching to Firefox, it's just a much better browser all around. It's free and easy to download. Go here to check it out:

  4. Pretty cute angel bug!

    Although I've never had the comment problem, thanks, Beth, for the solution. Never thought of right clicking on blogger. Sharonb has moved her blog over to WordPress, which is also free. I'm thinking of doing that too, although reading their "lessons" has not made it sound easy.

    About the vet... it's hard to believe (and dispicable if true)that they would put gouging customers as their top priority. Have you thought of calling the Better Business Bureau in your area to see if there have been other complaints?

  5. I occasionally have trouble commenting on certain blogs (although I haven't had trouble on yours - knock wood) and now and then I'll get an email from someone who has had trouble commenting on mine - no idea why. Gremlins I guess.

    Still sending good thoughts to Harley - hoping maybe he just got really concussed, then he'd return to normal as the swelling an bruising on the brain subsides.

  6. A cute angel bug. Still keeping Harley in my thoughts. xx

  7. I love your little art bug - now I've got a "bug" to make one - hehe. And yes, sometimes those little buttons don't work for me, sometimes they don't work one day when another day they do. I have no idea why - if you find out, let me know. I love the comments you and others leave on my blog, it makes me feel loved. Ahhhh. I try to remember to leave comments too, so people know I'm there, but I have to admit that I often don't have time and I whiz through appreciating the blog even if I don't leave my name. I always have the best of intentions to return, but sigh, doesn't usually happen. Recently, I've had a new problem, blogger sometimes sends my comments back as "undeliverable", as if they were like an e-mail.

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