Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A couple of ladies....

Once in awhile I actually do try to create something!! I usually have a very difficult time putting down on paper what I see in my mind. I guess I don't know the right techniques....or maybe I'm just not all that talented! Either way I get frustrated and then give up for awhile.

I did these a few months ago. Most of the time when I do these ladies, I'm concentrating on the dress as the featured part of the drawing. I never put faces on the ladies....sometimes just the hint of eyes.

This one is my Deco Diva....

This one is Lily Lady....she's my favorite.

They're done on watercolor paper....I think it might be about 14" X 18" These are the largest ones I've done. Most of them have been much smaller. Several months ago I posted this lady. She was one of the first ones I did with any color. Mostly I've worked with black and white only. Sometime in another post I'll try to show some of those.

Note: I had this post ready but something has happened in the last few overnight hours. Remember yesterday when I mentioned our other cat, Harley. and how he likes to run and chase birds? He's always been an outside kitty, only coming inside for a little while here and there.

Late yesterday afternoon, he apparently tangled with a snake of some kind....most opinion is a Green Mojave. He probably won't make it. We just got off the phone with the vet (5:30 AM) and Harley's white and red blood count is going down even after all they did for him overnight.


  1. OH poor Harley,,that is just so sad,,he is so pretty,,I am so sorry sweet Janet!!
    YOU my dear,,,are VERY TALENTED!!! I just love those flower girls you painted,,,they look like something out of a book,,you could be a great illustrator!! I just love the colors in them,,WOW!!! You should be painting and drawing those all the time,,I bet you could sell them too.
    Hope you can still have a ok day today,,even with the sad news of Harley,,whew,,I sure wouldn't want to tangle with that snake,,
    Hugs to you!

  2. I was totally enjoying your drawings especially the Lilly Lady!
    Then I read about poor Harley. I am so very sorry. He is such a handsome guy....

  3. MaryAnne9:11 AM

    Oh, I'm so sorry,Janet... He is such a beauty,that must be a pretty powerfull snake. Those drawings are some of my favorite things you create. Keep strong.M.A.

  4. I understand why Lily Lady is your favorite. Beautiful!

    Poor mojave is a nasty snake. I'm so sorry he's not doing well. I'll be thinking of you.

  5. I'm so so sorry about Harley. I hope the vet is wrong about the prognosis and there's more hope than that. Damn.

    (I like your drawings)

  6. Oh, No, I hope Harley would make it. My heart sank when I read about him.

    I do like your drawings, they are beautiful.

  7. I happened to see your comment on another blog (Daisy's) re:your cat. It's heart wrenching I know and so I am sending healing vibes in hopes there is a turnaround. (and for the record as a first visit to your blog I am amazed and awed at your flower lady drawings!)

  8. I especailly love the flower lady that you linked to in this post. I can totally see it as an entry in the Bernina Fashion Show! I have a couple of the catalogs showing the winners. If you'd like, I could snail mail them to you.

    Healing thoughts coming Harley's way... that his purr will live up to his namesake again soon.

  9. What a beauty Harley is. I love black cats and I`m so glad he is getting better!



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