Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Few More Old Postcards

Today I'm feeling a bit nostagic so I'll share a few more of my old postcards with you. I wish the cards could talk and tell me who they belonged to and how they got here. Were they brought here by my great-grandparents as reminders of their homeland? Or did other family members send them in packages as reminders? These were not sent in the mail as postcards....there is no writing on them. However they came to be here I'm glad they ended up with me. I love looking at them and dreaming about what my family's life was like back then. I can be such a romantic at times.

The first one just says "The Village Mere, Flambro"....

I'm not sure what a village mere refers it the man or the buildings or the water or the pump?? Maybe someone will be able to tell me. The houses are front gardens, no trees, just the street and the water.

Next we have "Cliff Climbing, Flamborough"....

Now that looks dangerous!! There are several people up top, one even looks as if it could be a woman....I think I see long skirts but it is hard to tell. Is this some kind of recreational climbing??.... I hope they didn't throw that poor guy over the edge to dangle above the sea for any other reason!! In today's world with all the modern climbing equipment this rock wall might not seem too daunting but I'm sure back then they didn't have much but a rope and physical strength. You gotta be determined to climb that rock!

The last one says "A Good Days Work with the Egg Gatherers, Flamborough"....

This is an interesting bunch! And that's a lot of eggs....and they look pretty big, too. What kind of eggs are they? And where did they gather them from? I see some coils of rope so I'm wondering if these guys go over the edge of the cliff to gather some kind of wild bird eggs?!

The little burro or mule or whatever it is sure has its work cut out for it with those huge baskets. Was this a way to make money? Did these guys sell the eggs? I guess that would probably be the main reason to gather least that many of them.

Well, I just answered my own questions!! I decided to take a chance and google egg gatherers.... here is some information about them. Now that I know the story behind this postcard, I wonder if anyone in my family ever did this!


  1. Hi, Janet,
    I'm going to get a postcard (not old though) for you
    from Finland, and scan it for you when I get home.

  2. Hi Janet, Jeremy showed me your blog, i loved the postcard, especially the first one, it has a real atmosphere. My mum comes from foxholes, not far from Flamborough. We used to camp at Flamborough head, on a farm top of the cliffs when I was young, so it was nostalgic for me too. I remember the sea was really cold but we always used to swim anyway.

  3. Janet,
    This was really fascinating! I wonder why they couldn't just raise chickens for their eggs? Seems so dangerous to climb down those cliffs for bird eggs!

  4. Hello Janet

    Taking wild bird's eggs isn't legal here any more, thankfully. They must have been very brave men, though, or very hungry.

    A mere (which is a word from old english) is a lake or marsh, but in this case it was probably an inlet from the sea. Perhaps it was a haven for fishing boats.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog.

  5. Janet, a mere is a lake, it is sometimes used in England. In the Lake District you have places with lakes such as Grassmere, Buttermere and Windermere. I would think the men would be collecting seagulls eggs that nest on the cliffs or some sea birds eggs.

  6. I love your post Janet...we are both feeling nostalgic today!!! Thank-you for your sweet comments on my blog! You are the sweetest!

  7. My original comment seems to have gone walkabout! The postcards are lovely - so nostalgic, a lost way of life now. I grew up in Cheshire and there are lots of meres there too, including in place names. As Jeremy and Daisy Lupin have said it means lake.The one mum and I visited often was Redesmere where every year the Rose Queen was carried over the lake on a boat decorated to look like a swan - I wonder if they still do it?

  8. Hi Sweet Janet,,,love those old postcards. I love the egg one,,it does make one curious about all those eggs. Hope your having a great thursday!

  9. What an interesting post... y' learn something every day cruising blogland. I've run into the word mere before and wondered if it refers to a marsh.. nice to know. Keep showing us postcards!

  10. how wonderful these old postcards are and they do tell a story. I love ones that someone has written on, some story they themselves started to tell. I think we were on the same basic wavelength today.

  11. That cliff-climbing postcard is way cool!! I collect postcars, too. Maybe someday I'll post some of mine:)


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