Sunday, August 20, 2006

A few new and important post cards

Very briefly, as a young person, I thought about becoming an archaeologist. Mostly because I love old things and also because I love to know the history of things. But then reality set in and I decided that working in hot, dusty, dirty, dark places might not be my favorite thing to do!

I tell you this because I think there are some places in the world that should be preserved at all costs. I think that if a building has been able to withstand several centuries that we should do all we can to help it withstand a few more.

Last night I heard something on the TV news that just made me stop dead in my tracks. I guess I just haven't paid attention to all the news coming out of the Middle East over the past few weeks. Dwelling on bad stuff is not what I like to do. And I don't like to get into politics on my blog but....

I heard that the city of Baalbeck was being bombed! That may not mean anything to most of you. HB and I have some very nice neighbors on one side of our house. They were the only people on our street to welcome us to the neighborhood when we moved in. She is American and he is Lebanese.

Last summer they went to Lebanon to visit his family. I asked if they would bring some post cards back for me. (I know....I'm so bad!!) Well, they did and the post cards are from Baalbeck! Take a look at these beautiful buildings.

The first one is Bacchus Temple and the second one is the interior of the temple.

The next one is The Museum of the Temples and after that is Venus Temple.

Next is The Monolith at the Roman Quarry and last is The Six Columns of Jupiter Temple.

Can you imagine that these buildings have stood there for all these years and now they may be destroyed in the blink of an eye!!

I thought these were important to share with you no matter what your political or religious beliefs are. I'm not taking sides and I'm not trying to sway anyone in either direction. I'm just showing you some beautiful, very old buildings that are in danger. I am not making light of all the lives that have been lost. They are so very important, too. But everyone seems to talk about one mentions the history and the buildings.


  1. It's amazing that we (as Americans) are never told about the abundance of ancient archetecture in that part of the world. Guess you have to part of the EU to get mentioned. It's very sad. It's all very sad.

  2. Thank you for this eyes-wide-open, heart-wide-open post. I hope in some, possibly unknowable way, it will help. Blessings!

  3. It is terrible to think so much history could just disappear, look how much disappeared in Iraq. I remember watching a programme about all the old treasures and buildings that were looted or bombed in Iraq. People do seem to forget that the middle east was the cradle of civilisation, so many ancient pieces are in that area.xx

  4. it is just awful that things like this happened. Sadly it has happened before in different times & places - like in China when they destroyed all the books. If these people have no respect for human life, they definately have no respect for anything else. the world is continually getting crazier.
    thankyou so much for the delightful comment on my blog - I am glad you found me too xo - and I look forward to our growing blogging friendship xo

  5. Oh my God!!! Janet...this is so sad! These buildings are so beautiful...thanks so much for sharing them!

  6. It is such a shame that so often these marvels are only seen as mere 'brick and mortar' - when in fact once gone they are not replacable. Due to the fact this country is so new (compared to others),it is easy to lose sight of the fact that these ancient treasures even exist and are in fact part of the worlds history. Thank you for the reminder in such a heartfelt way.

  7. It is a terrible thing. So much gets loss because of man`s warring.


  8. Its ashame what war does to such beauty isn't it? Like the song says "War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!!!


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