Friday, August 11, 2006

A Formal Affair

I have never liked to dance. Maybe because I never actually learned how! I always feel all arms and legs when I try to dance....and each one is going in a different direction! And if I try to slow dance I usually end up trying to lead which doesn't thrill HB!! I'm just not a very physically coordinated person.

The only time I ever had any kind of dance lessons was in grade school. We had to learn square dancing because you know how important that is in real life!! I have nothing against square dancing but I don't run across lots of square dancing anywhere I've lived. And besides, I don't look good in those frilly, fluffy, swirly skirts!

Now in later years I confess....I have danced a little bit but only after "Jose" and I knocked back a few!! A couple of margaritas and I'm a dancin' fool!! Well, not really but if I ever dance it is usually only after a couple of drinks....and by then I never know what I'm doing anyway!! One drink is my limit.

This is all leading up to my first dance ever. It was in junior high (middle school, as it is called today!) and I was very excited about it. Not because of the dancing but because I got to buy a "formal" as they were called in those days (back in the olden days!)

My mom and I went shopping and I probably tried on just about every dress that was available in my hometown....but my mom set limitations! Darn! Mothers are so....motherly! The biggest rule she set was no strapless dresses! And in those days it wasn't such a bad idea as I didn't have anything to hold one up anyway!

Knowing me you would think my first formal would have been lavender or purple but this time you would be wrong! I chose a dress in pale aqua. Still not a bad choice for my hair and eye coloring.

This is a photo of me in that first formal. Way back in ancient times before people took colored photographs! The photo isn't very good....too bright, but I think you can tell it's a formal dress and it isn't strapless! Please excuse the goofy look on my face! And dig those drapes!! Molly would probably love to have those for her shop.

If you're a fairly regular visiter here then you probably know what's coming next! And you would be right! I still have the dress today. I'm crazy! I know it. But ya gotta love my determination and perserverance to keep these things for soooo many years. is the dress today!!!

The evening was a success and I did dance a little bit. The awful thing is I can't remember who I went to the dance with!! The whole thing was all about the dress! I did have my priorities back then!


Harley update: The tests reveal that he does not have any illness like feline leukemia or aids....that's good news....but they still aren't sure what's wrong with him! He will see the vet again this afternoon. Harley is eating a bit more and seems to be moving around a little better but he has gotten a lot thinner in just a few days! He seems lost or confused which makes me wonder if he has had some kind of head injury.