Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Grapes of Wrath

Awhile back I posted some photos of our grape vines in the backyard. They were on their way to a bumper crop until the heat wave hit. Then it was like living in hell for about three weeks. The grapes get a lot of afternoon sun so I'm sure they were really cookin'! But even with all the heat they managed to do pretty good.

I noticed that there were quite a few ready to be picked....

So yesterday I took my trusty big green plastic bowl out to begin....well, there were more than I thought! I guess there were some very wily grapes who knew how to hide out in the shade.

This bowl is about 38" in you get an idea of how many grapes it holds! And it doesn't actually glow!! Guess it was just the angle of the light or something.

Unfortunately there were quite a few "raisins" on the vines, too....grapes that just dried up in the heat. But I can't complain. Now I'm off to put some of these in the freezer. I love frozen grapes as a treat.


  1. Do you ever make wine out of your grapes?

    Freezed grapes, sounds interesting.

    Is this the beginning of the Ice Wine? I must try the frozen grapes.

  2. Yummy,,I love grapes,,glad they all didn't dry up. We are back in the oven again here today and the rest of this week.

  3. pirk - no we have never made wine with our grapes but frozen grapes are wonderful. In the summer when it is so hot I like to have a few of them. I don't even thaw them when I eat them! Actually if they thaw out very much they get mushy.

    beth - I love grapes, too. Sorry to hear you're back in it again. Try to stay cool.

  4. You can save the raisins too. Hang them to dry as much as you want them to, then save them for salads or stuffing or whatever you use raisins in.
    Our grapes handled the heat well too, but they're not ready to pick yet.


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