Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hair Pulling and a Harley Update

This is how I feel right now!! And I don't have long enough hair to pull! I'm not sure how many other people are having the same problems so I thought I would post this to see. I'm not complaining....just trying to understand the problem and give others some insight.

I've always had some problems with blogger but lately they seem to be different and worse than usual. Maybe it's because of the new and improved beta blogger. I'm still waiting to see if I want to change over to that or just move to another blog service.

My problem is with comments again. No, not the ones left for me! I love all those. Earlier I mentioned having problems leaving comments on other blogs and got a couple of good suggestions. Now I'm having different problems leaving comments.

Before, I wasn't able to get the comments window to open but with your suggestions I have tried right clicking and that usually works.

Now I've having problems with the word verification. On one blog I had to do it four or five times, being especially careful each time to type in exactly what was shown, and each time it would just give me another group of letters.

Other times I type my comment and verification, click the publish button and get "page cannot be found."

Several people have written on their blogs about the lack of comments and I'm wondering if these problems are happening to other people and maybe that's why there are no comments being left at times.

My other problem is with bloglines. I use them to keep track of the blogs I read regularly. I noticed that some blogs didn't appear to be updated....and one in particular I know updates almost every day.... so I clicked on it anyway and sure enough there were several posts that I had missed because bloglines had indicated nothing new.

I'm just curious if anyone else is experiencing these same problems. I guess if you're having problems leaving a comment, you might not be able to leave one here! If you know I'm a regular visitor to your blog but I haven't been leaving comments it may be that I'm trying but running into these problems.


Now on to a Harley update. He has finished his medications (thank goodness!!) and seems to be doing just fine. About the only thing we have noticed is that Harley is much more subdued, and the deep rumbly purr that goes with his name has not been heard since he got sick. We have not let him back outside and are trying to turn him into an indoor cat like LuLu. The vet agrees and said that if we could keep Harley inside for a few weeks that he would get used to it. (fingers crossed)

So far Harley has been inside since August 8th when he got sick. HB and I are hopeful that it will work....although I'm not so sure LuLu feels the same!!

Here's a photo I managed to get yesterday....Harley is either asleep or running around so it makes it a bit difficult to snap photos of him.

I do wish he could learn to relax!!


  1. Harley is gorgeous - what a laid-back cat! Hope he's back to full health very soon.
    I've had problems with blogger too - when I've thought I'd left a comment and it didn't appear and also when uploading photos - it's sat about for ages once or twice then told me it couldn't find my site!! More efforts on the sidebar stuff later hopefully, I have a busy running about sort of day today.

  2. the same thing happened to me this morning when I tried to comment on 2 different sites. I finally gave up and forgot about one and e-mailed the other personally. I always thought it was because I'm not a blogger and maybe that makes things difficult but I guess that's just the norm. While I have your attention-I really enjoy your blog very much-you have a little bit of everything and it's all interesting. Glad Harley is doing well.well here goes I hope you get this......

  3. Hi Janet,

    thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment! Your little cat is gorgeous!

  4. I was having Blogger problems, too. So, I decided to just throw caution to the wind and change my blog over to the new one yesterday. And, now, it seems there are no more problems....At least for now....

    Good luck.

  5. I've also noticed problems with blogger and bloglines. I haven't noticed problems too often with being able to comment.
    I haven't been around to visit as much since we've been gone so I'm never sure if people aren't commenting cause they're gone or can't access my site.
    Glad Harley is making steady progress.
    Vincent is mostly an inside boy, but he does enjoy the patio for part of each day...

  6. Hi...I occasionally have problems with blogger....but for the most part I enjoy it...even though I havn't figured out all the links and sidebar attachments(thought it was me being technically challenged)Thanks for your comments on my blog.

  7. I haven't had a lot of problems with blogger - but I did have some problems with a different service using the word verification thing. After 20 plus tries, I emailed the service and was told to try a different web browser. I tried it on Explorer and it worked.

    My point you ask? LOL Next time you have trouble, switch to explorer and try the same url. It *may* solve the problem. (Note, that's a maybe!)

  8. Hope Harley gets 100% better soon. I`ve noticed when I try to leave comments that sometimes it won`t take and comes up with another long line of letters to type in, as if I`d made a mistake. Bothersome, I agree!
    I wonder if it`s just too busy sometimes. Who knows. I`m still trying to figure out why and how blogs can be free!

  9. Janet, I've experienced the same problem with comments and even posting on my own site, more so in the last couple of days. I'm trying to be patient but it's definitely trying.
    I gasped in seeing that picture of Harley (who I'm glad is doing well) because he resembles my dear departed Jasper so much, even the way he lays in a twist. We tried making him a house cat, he had other plans.

  10. So glad that Harley is keeping better, yes a sedate indoor life is what he needs for a while.

    Janet, I've been having a lot of problems with comments section, exactly the same as you describe.
    Slow to open, continuous new letters for word verification although I know I typed them correctly, and flashing up in commets column 'page not found'. I put it down to cyber imps having fun with us.

  11. I haven't had trouble with commenting but a few weeks ago, had one hell of a time trying to upload photos. the beta blogger is supposed to be wonderful once they iron all the crinkles out & I have contemplated changing but I am finding blogger the most user friendly.
    Your Harley looks like he is having fun - maybe he is like us - it may take him a little while to be feeling 100% xo

  12. Seems like I always have problems with blogging...usually mine will say...cannot find server!!! Nothing is ever 100%.....Harley is a doll!

  13. So glad to hear Harley is doing much better. What a cutie. He and Bev would make a good couple. I think he needs a luggage pet bed! hehe. I'm not saying a word about Blogger--so far, so goo. Fingers' crossed. I know a lot of people who switched to firefox, which is what I use, and it works for them. Dunno.

  14. PS I just took my letter recognition thingy off. I was tired of putting in the letters on others, so I just took it off mine. Again, so far, so good. There was something else, and now I've forgotten. hehe. Hmmmmm. Oh yea, I dont even know what bloglines are! hehe

  15. I've been having trouble leaving comments on some blogger blogs too.

    Harley is beautiful! Glad he's improving and I hope he takes to being an indoor kitty.

  16. Thanks for all you comments about Harley. And also thanks for sharing your experiences with blogger comments. Let's all hope they get this beta thing sorted out sooner than later.

  17. I've had the continuing word verification thing happen and I've noticed that if I click preview before I Publish it helps with that. The other problems I either persist though or come back later and try again.

  18. Anonymous9:48 AM

    I love your Harley.


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