Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Harley Update

Thank you to everyone who left comments regarding Harley. I appreciate all your thoughts and well meant a lot to hear from each and every one of you.

Well, the good news is Harley made it through the day Wednesday. The bad news is, after seeing two veterinarians, having many different tests, and well over $1000 spent no one knows for sure what is wrong with Harley!!

We found Harley in the backyard Tuesday afternoon just "sleeping" under a bush. Usually when we open the patio door he just comes running.... we always joke that he looks like a little sumo wrestler coming across the yard! But this time he didn't. He could barely get up on all fours, and then he walked like an old man, all hunched up and wobbly. He only made it part way across the yard and just fell over.

HB and I rushed out to see what was wrong with Harley....we looked him over good but there were no wounds of any kind. We brought him in the house and got the pet carrier, loaded him up and went to the emergency clinic.

Harley is still not able to move around much, he sleeps more than usual, and he isn't purring. When Harley purrs you know it!! He sounds like a Harley!

After spending the night under observation at the emergency clinic, Harley was said to have not been bitten by a snake! But they still wanted us to fork over $600 to give him anti-venom!! We did not do that....if he wasn't bitten by a snake we didn't see any reason to give him the anti-venom.

Harley spent a very quiet day at home and then in the afternoon went to his regular vet. They did even more tests, and then took x-rays but nothing seems to be showing up as a reason for his decline. One day he was fine, the next day he wasn't.

Harley is resting (at this very moment) behind my chair, he managed to eat a little bit tonight and he has some anti-biotics to take....just in case. And he will have a follow-up visit to the vet again tomorrow.

Note: I'm updating this to let you know I spoke with the vet about poisonings and since Harley does not have vomiting or diarhhea that is an unlikely scenario.


  1. Oh Janet... We so wish they could talk, tell us what happened, what's wrong. I and Hollie-three-bell-huntress are sending a care package of love and healing energy to Harley and his family. Please keep us posted.

  2. Janet do you think he could have eaten something that posisoned him of has there been anyone spraying their garden with chemicals that he could have inhaled? Just some ideas. I'll keep on thinking about him. xx

  3. I was wondering also if it could have been something he ate? I suppose they would have run the toxiology tests to rule that out already.
    I know those vet bills can be so expensive. My friend took her dog in during the recent heat wave because it was acting sick. The diagnosis was dehydration and for the visit and blood test: $650!!

  4. I think the same way as Daisy Lupin, he might have eaten something in the garden.
    I sincerely hope that he will recover soon, so you don't have to worry.

    Please tell Harley to start purring so we can hear him get better.

  5. Still sending good thoughts. Keep us posted!

  6. Janet, I am so pleased Harley is home with you and that he is eating a little.

    could it have been a spider, gosh I am thinking like Robin if only they could talk to us tell us what has happened.

    let us know how all is going and know we are out here thinking about your Harley.


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