Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Its "P" time....(now that sounds kinda weird!)

Time for some more Wordplay. I can't believe I'm already up to "P"....if you're new here you can learn all about Wordplay here. And if you would like to play along just jump right in. Now here we go.....

P - is for Purple....what else would I begin my list with??!!

P - is for petunia, the flowers and Petunia, the name. My grandma always had petunias growing by the side of her house but they weren't the bright colored ones of today. They were very pale and came back each year on their own. Petunia the name is what I used to call Molly when she was a baby!!

P - is for the term "pucker pucker" Aunt Dotti used this term and it always reminds me of her!

P - is for post office. I spent a lot of time there when I sold books online.

P - is for pout. As a kid I could pout with the best of them. My mom would tell me "watch out or you'll step on your lip!"

P - is for Peter (Jennings)....I miss him. I remember watching him when he was the correspondent in the Middle East, way back in the 70's....he wore those safari jackets and looked so handsome.

P - is for post cards. As you've seen recently, I have some old ones (I'll be showing a few more of them soon) and whenever I travel I usually pick up a few post cards. And then there are fabric post cards. I am the proud owner of one of those made by Deb over at Red Shoe Ramblings. I have it on my desk so I can look at it each day. Thanks again, Deb!!

P - is for pets. Mine have almost exclusively been cats. Now we have two cats, Harley and LuLu and they are both spoiled rotten. Harley is still on the mend but is doing so much better. LuLu has settled down and is almost herself again, too.

P - is for pet peeves, and I do have some! Major pet carts left all over the parking lot. I recently parked right next to the cart return and when I came out of the store found someone's shopping cart left at the rear of my car!!! Just one or two steps from the cart return! That just really gets to me. Another pet peeve is people talking on cell phones EVERYWHERE. I don't want to hear your personal conversations while I'm shopping or eating out or just about any other public place. Now that I got those off my chest we can move on!!

P - is for pears and pineapples or pairs of pineapples. Love them! Fresh and juicy.

P - is for pastries....oh, I do love pastries. I very seldom eat them anymore but I still love them.

P - is for pie. (Do we see a trend here!!) When I was growing up my mom mostly baked pies because that's what my dad liked. I didn't care for pie that much....I liked cake better. About the only time we had cake was on my birthday or an occasional pineapple upside down cake. As I got older I discovered that pies were pretty darn good! My favorite would have to be my mom's pecan pie. I like most fruit pies, not too crazy about cream pies with the exception of butterscotch pie....another of my mom's best pies.

P - is for Peter Lore. If you aren't somewhere near my age you might not know him. He used to scare the you-know-what out of me when I was little. That voice! He was in Casablanca so you may have seen him there.

P - is for persnickity. That word cracks me up! I get all kinds of images running through my head!

P - is for penguins....all dressed up and no party!

P - is for Persian rugs. Beautiful!! I don't actually have one in my house but I still love them.

And finally my favorite....HB calls me The Potty Queen because I always scope out where the bathroom is located no matter where I am!! Afterall, a gal's gotta be prepared! (HB thought I was crazy to include that last little bit of information. Kinda like too much information!! But by now you should know me!)


  1. Love the new purple mauve colour Janet. Isn't this strange, I walked into my nearest town's library yesterday and guess what was the first book I saw in the craft section, the one you posted the other day 'Making tassles for your home', wasn't that strange? Love xx

  2. I love how you did the mosaic of photos for P....very clever! I love pineapple...I remember Peter Lore....I don't like cell phones everywhere either(people talking on them)...etc. You are my kinda gal Janet! Have a great day!

  3. Loved all your "P's"
    I also scope out the nearest potty! Years ago that thought would have never occurred to me!
    Your collage is wonderful...

  4. Oooh, I love the collage! Great crown for the Potty Queen and very clever the way you used the Persian rug as the base for the rest!

  5. Hi, I loved your P's. I can relate to the last one. I always look to see where the nearesst potty is located. You are a great artist I love the picture at the end. I am fairly new at this blogging and also collaging.

  6. Janet Hi!
    I have been missing from blog for a few days but now I am in catch up am off to read your posts and will chat again later. I love your "p"

    see you again tonight dear friend. Lee-ann

  7. I really wish California would make using cell phone while driving illegal! (on my soap box too)

  8. I'm going to hate it when you get to Z.. your words often trigger memories and fun things from my past. This time the ones which resonated most were persnickity and petunia. Several decades ago, a couple of girl friends and I used to call ourselves "pulsating, provacative petunias." Thanks for reminding me.

  9. Thanks to everyone who commented on this one. I'm going to be sad to reach the end of the alphabet because I'm having so much fun with it.

    And Robin, pulsating provocative petunias sounds positively playful!


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