Monday, August 14, 2006


My second post of the day!! Yea! And blogger actually let me upload a photo!! This is a drawing I recently finished. Just done with markers. It makes me think of my Aunt Dotti who loved clowns.


  1. well this is a very lovely piece of your art. your eye for details is wonderful.

    I see the update on Harley and hope today he is just that little bit better.

    It has been a very strange illness hasn't it.

    see you again O! my gosh! (smiles) I say it lots too.........just had to say I took your lovely recipe for my collection too.

    lol lol lol lol lol!
    best wishes to you today.

  2. That's not a clown, it's a mime. Mime's are scarrrrry!

  3. lee-ann - thanks for your nice comment. I think Harley is making a good go of fighting whatever it is he has.

    laume - sorry to scare you!! I didn't say my drawing was a clown only that it reminded me of my aunt's love of clowns.

  4. Awesome Janet!! You are a great artist. You should get together with Daisy,,she could write a book and you could illustrate it. I love that pic!

  5. The drawings is great, do you ever do altered art? It would make a great base for a piece. Love xx

  6. beth - thanks! I agree that Daisy could write a book but not so sure I could illustrate it!

    daisy lupin -, I haven't done much altered art although it interests me very much.


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