Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Meme and Sleeping Beauty

A few days ago Sue tagged me for a meme. Now I like to do meme's but I've never been tagged before....I usually see one that I like and just decide to do it on my own. But since I've been officially tagged here goes....

When did you start blogging and why? I began this blog on February 19, 2006 and I didn't have a clue what I was doing! I decided to start a blog because I enjoyed reading other blogs and felt that it would be a fun way to communicate. It also seemed like a natural thing to do since I have kept a journal for many years. I thought having the blog would also help me keep track of the things I accomplish. I guess it would if I actually accomplished anything! But since having the blog a lot of my time is now focused on it. I take more photos than I've ever done in my life!....and I'm always trying to come up with some new interesting idea to write about. I didn't think it through very well in the beginning but just jumped in with both feet. I'm sure I made a lot of mistakes but that's the way I learn things!!

What don't you talk about? Well, my first thing would be religion. I'm not a religious person, more spiritual in my beliefs, and I feel that religion is each person's own private thing. The second would be politics. There's so much political talk going on all the time on TV and in the news and it doesn't seem to solve anything. I keep my political opinions to myself most of the time. I have commented a few times on blogs when I felt I had something to say or when I agreed with someone. I have the feeling that if I ever got started on politics you wouldn't be able to shut me up! Around the house, I do tend to rant and rave about certain political figures!

Are you and your blogging persona the same person? Well, who else would I be!! Yes, this is the real me. What you see is what you get. Do you think I could make this stuff up?!!

How do you use blogging to build friendships? I don't intentionally use the blog to build friendships but when I feel a certain connection with some other blogger I will comment on their blog. I try not to be a pest to anyone but when I have something "personal" to say to another blogger then I email them. Many times bloggers have it set so they cannot be contacted via email and that's ok....I understand that. Not everyone wants to get a ton of email from just anyone! I try to be respectful of other people's boundaries. I do try to leave regular comments on the blogs I read. I've talked about comments before....I think it is important to comment (at least once in awhile) if you read someone's blog daily!

How would you describe your writing style? I'm not sure I even have one!! I mostly write pretty much like I talk....which can be non-stop at times! I've mentioned before that I'm absolutely terrible at grammar and using correct punctuation and not leaving anything dangling! I don't feel the need to be perfect in this area....I figure if anyone comes to my blog expecting perfection and nice, well-thought out sentences and such, then they will be sadly disappointed. This is me!! The end.

Now if anyone reading this would like to do this meme feel free to do so. I'm not going to officially tag anyone but you're all welcome to take it. Let me know if any of you do it so I can check out your answers!

Since I never like to have a post without photos I'll share a couple of shots of our little Sleeping Beauty....LuLu. She loves sleeping on the couch in the family room and since she is spoiled rotten she is allowed just about anyplace she wants...except the kitchen counters and table!! I draw the line there!

Isn't she a cutie?!! She has such a sweet personality. But she is rather aloof! She isn't a cuddly sort of cat....unless she wants to be cuddled!

Ok, that's all the LuLu photos I'll bore you with today! She is our little princess and we love her. I don't get as many photos of Harley Dude since he's usually out catching birds!! When the weather is nice he comes in long enough to eat something and then he's right back out again. He's our "cool" cat (and our loveable, cuddly cat) and we love him too!


  1. Lulu is a very pretty cat. Since I cannot own any pets in my condo, i love to look at other's peoples pets. Thank you for sharing:)

  2. Janet,
    Thanks for doing this meme. Your blogging style is so enjoyable to read! Loved the photos of Lulu. She's like Vincent in that he pretty much has the run of the house, with those same kitchen exceptions!

  3. Lulu is gorgeous! (Is she a Russian Blue?)

  4. the lone beader - thanks...we think she's pretty special.

    sue - thanks for tagging me! And thanks for the nice comments.

    deb - Thanks! I think she's just a cat! But she does have a very blue-grey coat.

  5. I've never heard of tagging before... but I'm glad you got tagged, as I found your answers helpful and enjoyable. Your droll sense of humor makes everything youw write fun to read.

    My all time favorite cat was Lulu... I still miss her after 31 years, and always a cat or two in my home. And I had a cat, Mia Maria Rotundus Abundus, who looked like your Lulu, except she was, as her name impies, a bit rounder... Thanks for bringing both of them back to me through your blog.

  6. robin - thanks for your comments. I love the name of your cat!! But that's sure a mouthful.


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