Monday, August 28, 2006

Modular Crochet

I never did get anything posted for Sunday. I apologize. No real reason except it was one of those lazy Sunday mornings that turned into a lazy Sunday afternoon and then a lazy Sunday evening!

So this morning I'm feeling a little behind. I think I'll share with you another one of my books from my collection.

This is another crochet book....sorry but that's my first love. I bought this book about 15 years ago. The name of it is Modular Crochet by Judith Copeland. It was published in 1978 by M. Evans and Company.

Recently I thought I had lost this book and decided to just go online and get myself another copy. Luckily I found my original copy of this book because when I checked this is what I found!! Are they crazy??

The concept of this technique is to crochet vertical rows rather than the traditional horizontal rows. And the garments begin in the center and work out from each side. I've actually made one of these sweaters and I love the technique. Also the vertical lines of the rows are much better for me than anything going horizontal.

The first photo shows a cute little dress....maybe if I was 30 pounds smaller and 30+ years younger I might make this!!!

The versatility of this technique is what makes it so appealing to me. That and the simplicity of it. This photo shows a short little fuzzy sweater....again the 30/30+ thing applies!

If I lived in a colder climate I think I might like this long dress/robe thingie. If it was made with some of the lighter weight yarns it would be great because I think it could get very heavy to wear otherwise. But I like it.

Long skinny scarves were very popular last winter. Probably by this winter they will be passe'....but here are a few of them and a long tunic sweater. I don't care for the slits up the side but the rest is ok.

This last photo is near the back of the book and shows the versatility of one of the long dresses. They show how it can be pulled up with a belt and folded over to make a shorter version. Note the boots and the Farrah-ish hairstyle!

There are some very basic sweater guidelines in this book and I think just about any style of sweater or dress could be made using a few simple rules from this book. I don't usually wear crocheted items as they tend to be too bulky for me. I have enough bulk built right in!! Way back when I bought this book I made a sleeveless vest/tunic sweater that was inspired by this book. I liked how it turned out and always got compliments when I wore it.

I liked it so much that I took it apart!! I still have the balls of yarn that I made it from and keep thinking I'll make something else using them because I like the yarn so much. Another thing on my loooong "to do" list!

Well, that's about all for today. Now where did I put those crochet hooks? I think I feel a sweater coming on!! Oh, yeah! Like I could actually get something finished!! My success rate lately has been way down! Hopefully cooler temperatures are just around the corner (it has been hot again) and I'll be able to have a fire in the fireplace one of these days, curl up with some hot chocolate and my crochet and just hook to speak!!


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  2. I always thought crocheting was a bit more limited compared with kniting. But, you have proven that wrong! Maybe I'll pick it back up and give up on knitting!!

  3. What a strange way to crochet, working out from the middle, my mind boggles trying to imagine it, but I am just a basic crocheter, just plain stitches and scarves and throw squares for me. Love xx

  4. Anonymous10:29 AM

    You make my day. I log onto your blog every morning and enjoy what you post. I, too, live in the high desert climate and relate to your frustration with heat and uninspiring thrift stores finds. Keep up the great stories.


  5. pat - Thanks for dropping by. I'll visit your blog soon.

    rosa - don't give up on knitting! I'm just a beginner knitter but have crocheted for maybe 25 - 26 years.

    daisy lupin - it is actually really simple to do this way.

    anonymous - wow! you just made my day! thanks for the nice comments. I hope I continue to hear from you now and then.

  6. Hi Janet: Hey I used to crochet, for years and years, but carpal tunnel and tennis elbow put an end to it as well as needle point. Ho hum. But nothing will stop my photography and my art. Have a great week.

  7. Now that looks like a good book! I am awful at crochet, I can only knit with my knifty knitter,,lol. My hands and knitting needles and crochet hooks don't get along. Mom is a great crocheter,,she has made some beatiful afghans. Aren't lazy Sundays great!!! I am just glad monday is over,,only 4 days of work left now.
    Have a great day tomorrow, sweet Janet!


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