Monday, August 07, 2006

Monday Books

I may have mentioned that I own a lot of books. I have loved books for as long as I can remember and have bought hundreds of books over the course of my life. I will pass up buying food if it means I can buy a book! The best gift for me is always books.

Most of the books I own now are non-fiction, and many of those are creative type books. I love to read and do so each and every day. I get most of those the library but when it comes to creative books I want to own them so I can look at them anytime I feel like it.

I have books about all kinds of crafts, many of them on things I've never tried and probably never will....but I appreciate the act of creating and love reading about it and seeing what other people do. I guess it might be a little like music appreciation....that's how I look at creating and creativity....I appreciate it in others.

So I have decided to show you some of my books once in awhile.

The first one I chose is a book I bought maybe 12 years ago at a thrift shop. I don't always have to buy brand new books. As long as the book is not marked in, ripped or torn, or otherwise messed up then I don't mind a used book.

The name of this book is CREATIVE CROCHET Step-By-Step Demonstrations That Take You From Basic Stitches to Creative Techniques. The authors are Nicki Hitz Edson and Arlene Stimmel. The copyright is 1973 and it was published by Watson-Guptill.

I like this book because it is not your basic afghan-granny square-potholder type of crochet! It does have a section in the front that covers all the basics of crochet but then it goes into how to take those basic stitches and turn them into something entirely different and creative and all your own. In other words, it tells you how to create without a pattern. The authors encourage you to experiment with the stitches and put different ones together to form just about anything you can think of.

It might even be like the early stages of freeform crochet. The following photo shows some interesting vests from the book. L to R: Backless Choli by Arlene Stimmel; Blue Landscape by Arlene Stimmel; and Clam Vest by Dina Schwartz.

These are not my style to wear but I think they're very interesting from a creative standpoint. And the next photo is even more so!

This is Medieval Blouse by Sharron Hedges with a couple of close-ups to show the detail.

I love all the colors and textures of this blouse. Once again, not something I would wear but I like the look of it.

The book covers other forms of crochet and not just clothes. I especially like this next one that shows sculpture crochet. The first one is Swan by Cindy Picchi and the other one is Bird Dragon by Pat Mueller. I like the swan best but that may be because the Bird Dragon is hard to interpret in black and white. I wish these photos were in color, too.

The last photo I'll share with you is called Great Coat by Frank Lincoln Viner. This must have taken quite awhile to make! Once again I wish it was shown in color.

This book has lots more interesting and creative photos of crocheted items....everything from hats to boots! I'm always inspired after browsing through this book.

I love to crochet and I'm happy to see so many young people picking up on it. There are several sites with very hip, up-to-date patterns for young people. One of them is here and this is another one.

With all the crochet books I have, I could probably crochet for the next ten years and never have to buy a pattern! Happy hooking!!!

And just so you know I have been crocheting, here are some tiny caps I made the other night. These are going to the Caps to the Capital project that I wrote about here.

These are so quick to make....they only measure about 10" in circumference!! They aren't very creative but I'm doing them for a good cause.