Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mountain climbing at Chez Bee-cause

Apparently there are some gremlins at blogger! I posted my "M" words yesterday thinking I had not done them earlier because I couldn't find any trace of the post anywhere....but then when I got the comments there were some that I remembered from earlier when I did post this entry. Where did it go?? I went back through three months of posts, found "J" "K" and "L" but no "M". So I apologize for re-posting it for those of you who had read it earlier.

The heat is moving east and leaving us in the dust. For almost three weeks I was barely able to maintain myself, let alone the house! Oh, I took the occasional shower so HB wouldn't run screaming, holding his nose when I entered a room but I was not a ball of energy when it came to doing much else!! When it is that hot I don't function. So Monday morning I got up bright and early and decided the house needed my full attention. I guess I'm not the only one thinking like this as I was interested to see several other people posting about the very same thing.

I am a firm believer than a cluttered environment leads to a cluttered mind. Maybe that's what's wrong with me!! Gee, do ya' think! I have so much "stuff" that I really don't need but I just don't know how or where to get rid of it. I hate to throw out anything that might be useful to someone. I have carted tons of things to the local thrift shops and still have so much more.

I am one of those people who can see a use for just about anything!! Oh, I can use that to do/make such and such....that could be my mantra.

Now I have a huge pile of stuff in the upstairs hallway that will ultimately (hopefully) be sold at a yard sale. If not, then HB and I will have to take up mountain climbing....actually it will be our guests who will have to do that as the pile of stuff is between the guest room and the stairway. So that's fair warning for any of you out there in blogland who were planning an overnight stay with us! Bring your climbing gear.

I am determined to have a house with empty space in corners, cabinets, and closets. I'm on a quest for minimalist-ness (my own word)....no frou-frou allowed here.

And this is a lesson on being myself. When we bought this house it really wasn't "me" but it was a good buy. Ever since we've moved in I have tried to fit this house. I don't mean size-wise but rather personality-wise. Sadly the house and I have agreed to a future divorce! We just aren't made for each other. I tried but the style of this house is just too grown-up!

So in the midst of everything else, HB and I have decided to begin searching the country for our next destination on the road of life. We are spending most evenings online traipsing through other people's homes looking for that one home that is screaming "buy me, buy me"....and we are looking everywhere! Last night I "traveled" from TX to TN and most spots in between! I'm just exhausted....think I'll go take a nap now.

Sure glad I can get to our bedroom!! All of those guests lingering out there are on their own! Don't forget to pack a lunch and bring your climbing cleats.


  1. An empty corner? What a concept! Won't find one here. ;-)

    I adore our home - it was love at first site. But I would like to add a room for me and my supplies. Hubby has a work room in the garage...not fair!

    Isn't looking at homes for sale online fun?

  2. Well,,I might just come and go through the mountian of stuff before I try to climb it. I always like more stuff,,and like you , I can find use for any thing. I did the same thing yesterday,,lol. Except I did the deep cleaning stuff,,yuk. Glad its cooler there,,we are suffering here,,I went to the store today and thats about it,,got to water flowers tonight.
    Have a nice evening Sweet Janet!

  3. I enjoy your alphabet posts very much... as far as I'm concerned, post 'em all twice!

    It's 63 degrees on San Juan Island at the moment... blessed! Clutter removal would be a good goal for tomorrow... though I'll probably choose the studio instead.

    While I don't envy your jobs of finding a new home and moving, at least it's a good time to sort and cut. Good luck with making a better choice this time.

  4. kathy - I have a room for my crafty stuff but it's so full there's no room to work!

    beth - I hope the heat doesn't stay as long as it did here.

    robin - thanks! The house search continues and knowing HB it will take quite some time!

  5. I think my next trip would be mountain climbing. Your place must have tons of treasures.

  6. pirk - I think my home does have "tons" but not sure they're all treasures!!


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