Thursday, August 03, 2006

Nothing special kinda day....

Today was one of those "lost" days. You know the kind....where you just don't feel like doing anything. There's nothing wrong....I just didn't feel like doing anything!

I managed to get out to buy groceries. I decided I didn't want to starve to chance of that!! I'm not sure if I'm weird or if everyone is like this. No matter where I live, I never can seem to buy everything I want in just one store. There will always be that one thing that has to be purchased at a different store.

When I shop for groceries I usually end up going to a minimum of 2 stores and many times I go to 3 before I get everything we want.

We live within walking distance of a big grocery store. We don't shop there! It happens to be a very nice grocery know the kind....beautifully displayed food, music playing, wine and fresh-cut flowers near the front, and a Starbucks kiosk right inside the door. But everything they sell is just a few pennies (sometimes more than a few!) more than anywhere else, you have to be part of the "club" to get the best prices (I hate this trend!) and they never have what I want anyway.

So I drive a little farther to a smaller store that doesn't require me to join any club and there I can usually find almost everything I want. Then I drive to Trader Joe's (LOVE this store!!) for the other things I like....but if HB is out of coffee that means the third store! And on the days when I'm shopping for vegetarian stuff then I have to drive to the next town over where there is a small health food store.

Many times I find myself settling for stuff at Wal-Mart simply because I'm already there to pick up laundry soap or something mundane like that. When I shop there I'm always sorry I did.

When they first opened their huge super store the prices were really good. Then after a few weeks they slowly began creeping up and now I think they're higher than some of the other stores in the area. Dropping prices, my you-know-what!!

Today I was lucky. I only had to stop at two stores....and it wasn't too hot. I didn't even take my cooler with me dangerously!

Since blogger is acting up again (still!) there are no photos today. But in all honesty there really isn't much exciting about photos of grocery shopping!

Finally, the quote on my desk calendar today reads: "Never be afraid to sit awhile and think." - Lorraine Hansberry....I guess that pretty much sums up the rest of my day!!


  1. We rarely can find all we need at one store. TJ's is our favorite, but alas not here in this town. We have to drive 20 miles or so to go there (so worth the ride) This town is really fighting against allowing a Super WM to build...

  2. We don't have a Trader Joes. Never been to one. We have Wild Oats (natural foods) which I went to today, but boy it is so expensive. I have to be very select in what I buy there!!

  3. I can never find everything I need at one store either. Even when I've lived places with bigger, fancier stores than we have here I couldn't do it.

  4. Janet, I think this is a "lovely day!" doing nothing is almost as important as doing lots I feel anyway.

    We also take a trip every week for our shopping and find we are unable to get everything in the one spot.

    Our supermarket "safeways" in this area was voted the MOST expensive!!! :o) of them all in this state...........O! now that is just charming!

    Have a lovely day and thank you for the kind comments on my blog Sam is having a wonderful day.

  5. sue - I remember going to that TJ's

    rosa - You're right about Wild Oats being expensive! I like their stores but I have to be very careful!!

    deb - isn't it just a drag! I just wish I could find that one store....

    lee-ann - it was a lovely day! And I'm glad Sam had a great day. And I hope his 6th birthday is great.

  6. I know EXACTLY what you mean...and when I end up at Wal-mart...I am so Sorry that I stepped through the doors...I do love Trader Joes...but it's in Sacramento...too far to visit very often...I LOVE TJ Max...they have cool stuff...good prices...I shop at a small private owned grocery store called Grocery Outlet...prices are great...for example..bacon at Safeway yesterday was 5.99...I got the same amount of bacon (different brand) at the outlet for 1.69! Have a good weekend girl!

  7. vicci - Wow....great bargain! I think there's a Grocery Outlet in the next town over. I'll have to check it out the next time.

  8. You sure are right about the wally world,,the one I go too,,everyone stands in the aisle blocking the way,,to talk to friends and neighbors,,so if you hear about a woman going ballistic and running people over with her shopping cart in Tennessee,,you will know who it is,,,lol.
    Right now our Krogers is remodeling and I can't find a dang thing,,its like they keep moving stuff every day,,I think its to fustrate me,,lol.
    Can you tell I just love grocery shopping? Give me a Michaels or Hobby Lobby and I am fine!


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