Monday, August 14, 2006

Oh, it could be time....

Yep. It is time! Yesterday it was banana bread. Today it's alphabet soup!... or what everyone else is calling wordplay. If you want to play along just join in anytime. You don't have to start at a certain time or do the letters on a schedule. The whole thing is up to you. Come on! It sure is fun!

Today's letter is "O"

O - is for Oprah and okra. One I like and one I don't!!

O - is for "on sale" those words.

O - is for OMG (oh, my gosh or god) Something I say quite often.

O - is for ooh-la-la....and oodles. Some other things I say.

O - is for Oh, oh, oh, oh, in Tim "the Toolman" Taylor. HB says this when he talks about anything guy-ish!

O - is for on time. This is something I am....always! I hate being late for anything.

O - is for outrageous....also something I can be!!

O - is for "Outer Limits" (the old version) and "Out of Africa." A TV program and a movie that I like.

O - is for opportunity. Who doesn't like this word!

O - is for Oregon. HB and I lived there twice....once near Eugene and once in Oakridge.

O - is for ocean. Growing up in Illinois I never saw the ocean. After I moved to CA in 1979, I was too busy trying to get settled to think about going to see the ocean. A few friends were talking one evening and they were astounded that I hadn't seen the ocean yet. We all piled into cars and drove to the ocean right then and there! Even though it was dark when we got there, it was still an overwhelming experience for me. I could have stood there and watched the waves roll in for hours. I don't go often but I do enjoy a walk on the beach. Strangely, I like to go when it isn't sunny and bright but rather grey and stormy. I know....I'm weird!

O - is for Omnico. A girlfriend and I owned a home repair business in the 80's and this was the name of it. We had a lot of fun doing all sorts of things.

O - is for odometer. My little Honda's reads 167,972!! She's beginning to show her age (1990) but I still love her. Her name is Rhonda 'cause she's R(our) Honda!

O - is for online....something I am right now! And often I am here way too much!!


Harley update - Sunday Harley developed a new symptom! Now he's drooling and slobbering on himself. After doing a little google search it seems that the head injury thing may be valid as the slobbering is usually a sign of some injury to the a loose tooth or some foreign object lodged in his mouth. I'm calling the vet today to see what they say now. You would think they would have checked all these things when Harley was in there!

He seems to be feeling a bit better each day. Sunday evening he was even trying to get outside! But that isn't going to happen until I'm sure he's ok. I wish I could get him to stay inside all the time but we've tried that before and he just drives us nuts until we let him out!


  1. Loved your collage and "o" words!
    I also love the ocean on gray, overcast days! Good thing too, because that's often the norm here on this part of the coast!!
    It will be interesting to hear the vet's take on this new symptom...

  2. Now you can sure do some good words on wordplay. I have to sit and really think about them,,lol. I am a little brain dead today from working,,lol. I sure hope they find out whats wrong with Harley. My cat is like that too, she just doensn't like to stay inside for long periods. Hope you have a great rest of the day!!

  3. Great O-list!

    Your car has nearly as many miles on it as mine - I'm at something like 185k now. I drive 'em till the die! LOL!

    Still sending good thoughts to Harley.

  4. sue - your part of the world has great ocean-visiting days.

    beth - thanks, but I bet you could come up with lots of good words, too.

    deb - Yes, I'm still holding out on getting that other car! HB is just about to give up on me ever making a decision about one!


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