Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Old and tattered to shiny and new

Isn't it funny how you can buy something so insignificant that at the time it's just a little something extra. No reason to think that it will become almost a part of you. Such was the case when I purchased a keyring sometime in the mid 80's!

Molly and I had been doing a round of thrift store shopping and I spotted the keyring in a display case. I think at the time they wanted something like $3.00 for it and I can remember debating whether or not to buy it.

It was just really "talking" to me so I decided to plunk down my three bucks and make it mine. The reason I had noticed it was the turquoise colored beads and the fact that because of its size it wouldn't get lost in my purse.

It was probably handmade by had a silver heart-shaped concho with long black leather strands and turquoise and silver beads. I loved it.

Well, that keyring has been with me ever since! I have not lost it and in fact the only reason I am telling you about it now is because one of the leather pieces finally broke the other day. Darn!! You would think a keyring would last a little while and not break after only 20 plus years!!

And I guess it may go on for another 20 years because I got the brilliant idea to just buy some leather strips and some new beads and give it an overhaul.

That's exactly what I did yesterday. Here are the old tattered remains and the new refurbished keyring....

I like the purple, green and grey beads that I chose for the new look. Wonder what places I will go with this keyring??


  1. Hey great job on that key ring Janet. You are so creative,,and I bet that key ring will go on alot more adventures with you.

  2. I love little treasures like this Janet...finding something old...making it brand new! It's tons cooler here...feels great!

  3. How nice you're able to get still more use out of something you really enjoy.
    (and you made it look so pretty too!)

  4. It's purty!! :-)

  5. How fun!! What a wonderful idea. I love the tassles too, I bet it does make it a lot easier to find. I hate having to dig through my purse for my keys! Grrr. It is beautiful. I like the way you changed your colors too. Now, it's truly yours.

  6. I can't imagine keeping hold of a key ring for 20 years I always lose them and keys. However, a great idea to give it an overhaul. Love xx

  7. beth - hopefully I'll have a lot of fun adventures.

    vicci - glad you're having cooler temps. Makes life a whole lot easier!

    sue & deb & jessica - thanks!

    rosa - Thanks. Yes, part of its appeal is the ease with which I can find it.

    daisy - I'm the keeper of all kinds of things!

  8. I love the keyring, both, old and new. What a great way to use beads.

  9. pirk - thanks! At least it's easy to keep track of it!


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