Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Old postcards from Flamborough

Recently I told you about my grandpa and great-grandpa and how they came to the US from England. I believe there were family members who stayed behind and may still be living somewhere in England. During WWII my grandparents and my great aunt sent "care" packages to some family members over there. Who knows....I may have cousins or some other distant relatives still living in that same area.

There must have been someone over there who sent things to my grandpa because I have many old postcards, mostly not written on, that are from the area. Today I'm going to share a few of them with you.

I scanned these, and the colors are rather faded. All but one of these shown here today are in color.

This first one is King and Queen Rocks, Flamborough....

The next one is North Landing, Flamborough....

This one is Flamborough Head....

This says it is St Oswalds' Church, Flamboro (different spelling, I guess)

And last, Parish church, Flambro (another spelling??) ....I believe this is the same church as above.

I have many more postcards from this era and from time to time will share them with you. I would love to see photos of these same places today (if they still exist) and see how much they have changed. I have done a bit of online searching but haven't come up with too much. I did find the Flamborough village website and it has a few photos. There's also a bit of information about Flamborough here.


Harley update - the medicine is doing the trick! He actually chased LuLu this morning! You should see HB and me giving the medicine to Harley....HB wraps Harley in an old rug while I try to get most of the medicine into Harley's mouth, and all the while Harley is wiggling and squirming and trying to get away. It's amazing how a small animal weighing only about 14 pounds can take all HB's strength to hold!


  1. Loved the old postcards!
    Good news on Harley! I know how tough it is to get medicine down a squirming clawing feline!

  2. Great postcards. Are you going to do a framed collage with them?

    So glad to hear Harley is better. ;-)

  3. I love old postcards...and I'm glad Harley is feeling better! Chasing the cat is always a good sign!

  4. I love old postcards and those are fab!

    SO glad Harley is improving!!!

  5. Neat postcards! It`s just so beautiful over there. I`m enjoying your blog :)
    Thanks for visiting mine and for the tip. Never noticed anything wrong but I`ve removed some *****


  6. Hope you don`t mind that I`ve added you to my many special links :) This way I can read your blog easily too.


  7. Old postcards! now they can tell a story if only they could speak!

    yours here on this post are lovely, could you have family in the church grounds? you just never know do you.

    good to read Harley is on the mend.

    have a lovely week <^..^>

  8. Those are great postcards,,I espiecally love the old ones the best too. Wouldn't you just love to go see those places in person? I wish I could,,
    Glad Harley is doing much better,,

  9. The Linda6:08 AM

    Enjoyed abit of daydreaming that I was in those postcards of yours... sigh.

    Glad to hear Harley is better... wrapping him in a rug to hold him reminds me how I practically have to sit on my cat with her between my legs to clip her nails. LOL

  10. what a great find, old family postcards. Makes me want to go dig out the old family letters hubby has stored in the garage.
    Glad your kitty is doing better.


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