Friday, August 25, 2006

Ready to move!!!

Blogger is really getting cantankerous! I could barely even get the site to open this morning and forget about any photos! I'm not sure that new Blogger Beta is any better though. I'm actually thinking about changing over to typepad. Anyone know anything about it....good or bad??

So another photo-less day I guess. I'll just have to give you some interesting links to visit. The first one is here and be sure to click on the other pages to see even more goodies.

Another very interesting site if you like collage is here. She has many interesting pieces and I could spend a lot of time just looking at the photos.

And one more just for good measure! This site has collage, Photoshop, and quilting....something for everyone!

Late at night (when HB is snoozing upstairs) I like to cruise the web. There's something refreshing about the wind in my hair, the lights whizzing by,....oops! No that's when I used to cruise in my convertible. Different time, different cruisin'

So enjoy and hopefully I can get some photos uploaded sometime in the next century!


  1. Blogger is being beasty today. Do you use firefox or IE? I think it will upload photos better through Firefox.
    I know more people use blogger than typepad, but really don't know if one is more reliable or not...

  2. I'm going to have to read the link on photoshop! Thanks for the link! I don't know a thing about anything other than blogger. Good luck in your decision and keep us posted!!

  3. PS I use firefox too, but then I have to use safari to spell check. Go figure. (I blame odd things like that on the Mac)

  4. PS I use firefox too, but then I have to use safari to spell check. Go figure. (I blame odd things like that on the Mac)

  5. Change over to firefox to post on your blog. I have just downloaded firefox and it is making photo uploading etc really easy. Although a few people are saying blogger is bad today. xx

  6. Janet, I too have had a blogger bone to pick today due to it acting up. I have firefox, swithed from Internet Explorer on the recommendation of a friend a while ago - MUCH better! When blogger is upload rather quickly!

  7. I had trouble a week or so ago and it sent me demented. I searched blogger help and it was not just me. they suggested uploading photos through the html posting instead of the create and that worked. I was going to switch to typepad but I am not so html savvy as to be working it all out and I love my template etc on blogger so I will accept her being menopausal just like me :)

  8. Thanks to everyone who commented and offered suggestions.

  9. I agree with the recommendations about Firefox (it's almost all I use, although I keep IE on my 'puter for sites that simply won't work correctly with anything else), but I've heard good things about Typepad too. One of these days I may switch myself! They have some features I like, such as the ability to pre-write and schedule posts to publish automatically and the ability to categorize posts in your archives.


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