Saturday, August 19, 2006

Thinking of you

Wow!! I am completely amazed and overwhelmed by your response to my doodle from yesterday! I mostly put it on as a "filler" because I like to have something visual on each post. Thank you to everyone who commented. I appreciate each and every one and feel as if I've just won the jackpot!

This being Saturday (translate to Lazy Day) I don't have anything much to put on here today. Harley is continuing his recovery from whatever happened to him, and we are so thankful for that. He is even chasing LuLu once in awhile! That's a good sign.

HB will be helping a neighbor today with some electrical work. And I will be sorting through more stuff! I'm still determined to rid myself of a lot of unnecessary junk. But not to worry....I'm not getting rid of my "memory" things. At least not all of them.

So since you enjoyed yesterday's little piece of art, here is another of my attempts. This is a small greeting card done on thick watercolor paper. I used watercolor pencils for this one....with the rest done with a micro pen.

I hope everyone has a fun-filled Saturday.....I'll be......

I used a stamp for the writing. I can't write like that!! And I don't know why there is a black mark at the isn't on the card and doesn't show up on my scan. Maybe blogger gremlins!!


  1. Janet...What a talented girl you are! Have a great weekend!!! Any junk you are getting rid of!!!????let me know!

  2. Hi Janet, I've been meaning to stop in for some time now, but...there's never enough hours in the day for me!
    You are such a talented artist! Oh to be able to draw like (doodle below) that and call it a doodle :) Beautiful work you do!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's always good to meet new blog friends.
    Love the Julie Andrews thing...funny :)
    It's overcast and rainy here me a good excuse to catch up on my blog friends :) Hope you're having some sunshine there.

  3. Hi Janet,
    Lucky you to be able to design such gorgeous cards for your friends! You have an amazing gift..
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Glad Harley continues to improve..

  4. The Linda10:00 AM

    I agree you are a very talented girl!! Have a happy Saturday!!

  5. HI Janet, I have just caught up with your doodle on your previous posting. It is fantastic, do more of them, they look like fantastic alien foliage, colour some in please, you are a talented one. xx

  6. Truly amazing work, Janet. I love the card, too.
    You have a beautiful gift.

  7. Wow,,,that is such a great card! I wish I could make my watercolor pencil drawings look like that! Hope your having a geat week-end, Sweet Janet!


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