Monday, August 21, 2006

Twirling Tassels

Ok, today I'm sharing another one of my books with you. This one is a bit newer than the last couple I've shared. It was published in 2001 by Lorenz Books and the title is "tassels for the home: creating beautiful fabric decorations and ornamental trimmings" by Anna Crutchley.

This is one of those books that is just pretty to look at but it also has instructions on how to make several kinds of tassels....from basic to very intricate. I like tassels and most other embellishments so this book naturally caught my eye.

It isn't a large book....only about 7" X 9" with 160 pages. Books like this are very handy for me because they inspire me in many ways....not just for making tassels but maybe a photo will give me an idea for something altogether different. This is a good book for browsing and sipping a cup of tea.

This first tassel I chose from the book is a bit much for me but it is interesting. It's called Feathered Tassel.

The striped top area is what I think is most interesting. I think the squared top is perfect for the way they striped the threads. I might leave off the feathers and maybe use something a little less fluffy if I were to make this one....but maybe not!

Indigo Drop Tassel is unusual in the shape. The soft colors and the rounded bottom are what I like most.

Gold Silk Jasmine Tassel looks very delicate. This one is interesting to me because of the loopy, airy look of it. And the setting doesn't hurt either. All the tassels in the book are photographed in lovely settings.

This next photo is near the end of the book and shows four very different tassels. I like every one of these.

The back cover indicates there are step-by-step instructions for 40 projects. They seem to be fairly detailed and easy to follow....and there are several pages of "the basics" in the front. So if you like tassels this might be a fun book. I wish I could tell you that I have made some of these but sadly I have not! I have made tassels but just very basic ones.

HB wants to know when I'm going to model some tassels!! I told him these tassels weren't for wearing! And my name isn't Gypsy Rose Lee!!


  1. I love tassels Janet...but what do you do with them..besides hang them...and then have to dust them! They are beautiful though!
    You are of those books to sit with a cup of tea...and just browse!

  2. I love tassels too! I have them hanging from door knobs, off keys and on cupboard handles. gorgeous book!

  3. I love tassels,,but I have never tried to make them,,I think it would be fun to try though. And I do love browsing books and sipping tea!

  4. Aren't books the BEST for getting the creative juices flowing? Tassels can be used for so many things...but I had to laugh at your last line..."my name's gyspy, what's yours?" LOL!

  5. Hi, Janet,

    Would you email me, privately,

    I need to tell you something.

  6. I can't think of even one tassle in my house! They are really lovely though!


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