Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Am I the Only One??

Reality shows have been all over TV for the past several years....but I haven't found them interesting. I've never watched "Survivor"....GASP!!! I've seen bits and pieces of "The Amazing Race" but it just didn't do much for me. I know there are tons of other reality-based shows out there in TV-land but my interest hasn't been piqued....until I discovered "Dancing With the Stars"

Maybe it's because I'm such a rhythm, no grace, all left-feet, NOT a dancer by any stretch of the imagination! I love this show!!

I didn't see the first season. I was attracted by the one prior to this one....where they had Jerry Rice, Stacy Keebler, Drew Lachay, and George Hamilton among others. I really got into it!! I registered with every email I have (and I have about 7 of them!!) and voted for Drew all the way. I thought the last dance he and Cheryl did was just a knock-out.

The new season has started and I'm watching with amazement! This season I like them all! Maybe they aren't all the best dancers but I like their spunk! When I first heard that Jerry Springer was one of the celebrity dancers, I thought "oh, yuk"....I'm not a Jerry Springer fan! I don't watch his show. But I gotta say he's entertaining on the dance floor! And he's got guts to get out there with all the others and give it a try.

The three judges are a scream! I love hearing their comments almost as much as I love seeing the dancers. I think Emmitt Smith is just too cute with his shy little smile, and for a big football player he can dance! Joey Lawrence and Mario Lopez are both in great shape and if they would follow the rules (I don't know what they are!!) I think the judges would give them higher scores. Nevertheless I have enjoyed their dancing, rules or no rules. Vivica A. Fox is, I believe, the oldest woman in the bunch but she's holding her own! The youngest is Monique....can't remember her last name....and she is just adorable.

The costumes are gorgeous, and the professional dancers are great. I love when two professionals do a dance to show how it's really done! They pull out all the stops and put on a show.

Am I the only one or does anyone else like this show??


  1. Janet, I've been watching this show since the first it! The first season I rooted for John O'Hurley who put his heart and soul in to it (came in second). Last year I knew Drew would win, but loved Jerry Rice's spirit. This season, wow, lots of good performances and like you was a bit eww when I heard J Springer..but he's fun to watch on this show. I adore Emmett Smith and that smile. It's really anyones guess this season but if Joey Lawrence sticks to the rules...well he has a good shot! sorry this got long....but it really is a very entertaining show!

  2. I LOVE this show! I am going to echo the Jerry Springer eww, but he's done pretty well!
    I also like "So You Think You Can Dance"
    But then I do enjoy several of the reality shows...

  3. I also watch this show Janet...It's amazing huh?! How about that J. Springer!!!!! I love the costumes....I like V. Fox...

  4. I have seen this show a few times and I like watching people dancing about, it's fun, there's no meanness, and I agree with Lisa., Emmett is for my TV veiwing..rolls eyes, Im a lost fan..teehee..
    PEace, Kai.

  5. I havn't seen it yet this year.Guess I'll watch tonight!

  6. Oh, I'm so glad I'm NOT the only one! Thanks to everyone for commenting.

  7. I loathe reality shows especially the totally appalling Big Brother but in UK we had a similar famous people learning to dance show and I got hooked, the dancing was so good and the women's dresses to die for. I watched originally because an English cricketer called Darren Gough was on - he turned out to be briliant and won the series eventually.

  8. Hello, I found you while reading Mary Ellen and I read your blog and love it. And I agree with you, that tv show is very good, this is also my very first reality show. Let's enjoy it!

  9. ME! ME! ME! I have to watch this show every week,,,its a must! And I thought ew on Jerry Springer,,but he's been pretty good. And I think like Lisa,,if Joey sticks to the rules,,he might win. But I also have to root for Sarah Evans cause she is a Nashville girl. Don't you just want to get up and dance when its on?


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