Monday, September 18, 2006

Busy as Bees!!

I had a non-stop day today. Didn't even get to visit any blogs! HB and I have so many projects on the front burner right now that I'm not sure which one to do first.

We haven't finished the office yet because we decided while it is all emptied out we can make some other changes to the room. I still have to remove the hideous wallpaper border that was here when we bought the house. I've never liked it but just never got around to taking it down. We're having new carpet installed but are waiting until the other things get finished. The carpet will be the last thing. And we'll be adding plantation blinds.

Then as if the house isn't in enough chaos, I decided to sort through everything in the craft room! So far I've been at it for two days!! And I'm almost finished.

Then HB decided to do some other little odd jobs around the house....things that have just been put on the back burner for too long. So we are just a couple of busy bees around here.

This week I may not be blogging as regularly as I usually do because with all these projects I may not have a lot of extra time. I'll try to stop in for visits to all your blogs.

I'll just leave you with one of my drawings....the background is pale blue but it doesn't show up very much.


  1. That's a gorgeous drawing, Janet!

  2. This is such a pretty drawing, hope you won't be too busy to write a little occasionally but it will be great when you are done with all your jobs and can sit back and admire!

  3. You do sound busy! It will feel great to get all that done!
    Love the drawing---

  4. BEAUTIFUL drawing!! You need to get in on an art swap some time!(yes YOU)
    Wow, you really have a lot going on my dear, sorting and redoing will feel so satisfying when the projects are all complete!
    too bad I can't send over the "sort fairy" she's very good but can be a bit brutal when tossing things out(you would find yourself saying "hey, I need that". lol!

  5. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Well it is awesome.
    I know you are busy, We'll be looking for new posts from you when you get a round tuit.

  6. I'm with you girl!!! I'm slowly trying to make room for that hutch in the art room...which means moving this...and moving that....on and on! I'm thinking of you!

  7. Beautiful drawing!

  8. Another wonderful drawing Ms. Janet!! And your a little busy bee this week. Sometimes you just have to break down and do stuff don't ya? lol. I hope you get every situated and I know it will look so pretty! Don't you over do it though,,take time to stop and smell the roses!!

  9. Thank you all for your comments. I really do appreciate that you take time to stop for a visit and leave such lovely comments. And I promise to get around to all your blogs as soon as I have time to catch my breath!

  10. Lovely drawing Janet. There is something to be said for tackling everything at once in a mammoth way, hectic but think how good everything will look when it is finished.

  11. Anonymous4:31 AM

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