Thursday, September 14, 2006

Could it Be Time for "Q".....

Q - is for queen. Y'all know that HB calls me The Potty Queen! I also heard a lot of "Queen" back in the 70's and 80's when they were popular. And I like Queen Latifah. She's a big gal and I like her personality.

Q - is for quiz. Sorta, kinda like a test and I never do good on them! All anyone has to do is say the word "test" and I go into meltdown and get that "deer in the headlights" look on my face. It isn't pretty!

Q - is for question. My mom told me it was not nice to question people about things! Boy, did I grow up in another world! To this day I find it difficult to ask questions. I think my son's favorite word was "why" so I guess I broke the trend with him.

Q - is for quarrel. Something I don't like to do. Wastes too much time for nothing.

Q - is for Quaker, as in oatmeal! Love it! Eat it almost every morning except when the weather is broiling hot. As a kid you couldn't have gotten me to touch oatmeal let alone eat it!

Q - is for quarterback. Now I'm not a big sports fan (not even a little one!) but when Joe Montana played for the SF 49'ers I loved to watch him play. And he's not half bad on the eyes just to look at!

Q - is for quilts. Never, ever made one in my life and don't expect to but I love to look at them. Especially old ones with all those tiny stitches done by hand. I have a couple of old, tattered quilts that my grandma made. When I was younger I didn't realize the value (not in $$) of them and I actually used them on my bed. Now they are coming apart and yet I keep them....but then you know me!

And another little sidenote about quilts....I got into blogging because of quilters. When I first discovered blogs I found a lot of quilt blogs and began reading them. There usually had pretty pictures and lots of chatty information. From there I branched out into other blogs and then finally one day I decided to try one of my own. And now here we are.

Q - is for quips. I can be rather sarcastic at times. When I'm watching TV I can make some pretty sarcastic remarks. HB usually cracks up and tells me I'm bad!

Q - is for quaff and quench. Just the sound of these words is interesting. And since I almost always have some kind of drink (usually water, coffee or tea) near at hand these words seem appropriate for me.

Q - is for quit. It's about time I quit this list because I think I've run out of "q" words. And on the subject of quit, I have quit a couple of jobs but mostly I try to finish may take me a looooong time but I'll get there.

NOTE: Does anyone have the new blogger beta, and if so, how do you like it? I keep hoping that it will begin working smoothly....has that happened yet?

** I was so excited about finally getting the photo to upload that I forgot to put a beginning on this post!! But I guess you all know it's my wordplay thingie!!


  1. Loved your Q's! I always tell my grandson when I drop him at school to mind his P's and Q's!!
    Don't have beta yet. I've been reading about 50/50 on yays and nays!
    A couple that I read lost their whole blogs when transferring over. YIKES!!!

  2. Quilts! I love them. And yeah, baby, I sleep under them. In fact in the thick of the winter, and that's not often DOWN here, I pile them on. The top quilt, the heaviest...and old ugly gray and brown and blue BEAUTIFUL thing....My Mamaw, in her day, would salvage sunday suits and overalls, all the men's stuff (because it was warmer) and make these heavy, heavy quilts. I swear you canNOT roll over once tucked in! And DO NOT put your head under the covers, you might suffocate! But they are lush and warm and filled with the ever loving arms of her spirit! So, no shame on you, ever for using them! That's what someone's loving hands and thoughts meant to happen!

  3. I was always asking why? as a child, one day I was bothering a man who had come to put a new door on, asking why this and why that and my mother told me off. The man said don't do that if she doesn't ask why she won't learn anything. She often told me this story and I noted it, and let my two children ask why all the time, and boy did they ask why, believe me all day from morning to night. They must have learnt a lot! xx

  4. OK, I searched for the magazine on line, the details are there, and they have free instructions for the kids same sweater. So using this info, and my creative nature I can make this sweater without the mag. Thanks Janet. I'm excited.


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