Monday, September 04, 2006

An Even Longer Weekend!

Well, my long weekend may turn into a much longer time than I expected. This morning we discovered water seeping through the carpet in the office!!

After several holes cut into the wall to examine pipes, we discovered the water is coming from underneath the slab! Oh, joy!!

Since this is all taking place in the office, we will have to dismantle the entire office (too much stuff in too small of a space to try to work on pipes!) until the pipe can be fixed. HB thinks the slab will have to be torn out in a part of the office.

This Labor Day will definitely be one we will remember for many years to come!

I had tons of cool photos to show you of the hot air balloons taking off from the park just about a block away from our house but they will have to wait now. I think we will try to set the computers up in another room but don't know how quickly we will get to that. At the moment I'm sitting here with holes in the wall, damp carpet under foot, and general chaos in the room. HB wants me to finish this and get the computer out so here I go. Wish us luck.


  1. I feel so sorry for you - all that upheaval and mess to contend with. Hope it turns out to be not as bad as it appears and that it gets sorted out quickly. The hot air balloons are great aren't they? We get them near here quite often. Look forward to your photos.

  2. Tearing out a concrete slab to fix the water leak sounds very labor intensive!
    Good luck...

  3. OH poor Sweet Janet,,,I hate it when stuff like that happens. We have pipes that like to leak alot in our house,,its so fustrating. Hope HB gets it fixed,,bless his heart! My week-end has been terrible,,have a bad flu or virus,,and feel very bad! So much for a great long week-end! Looking forward to seeing those balloon pics,,I do Love Hot Air Balloons.
    Best of luck on the leak, Janet!!

  4. Oh my gosh Janet!!!! All I see is work ahead! Hope you are doing okay! It's been hot here! This house is old...there is always problems!

  5. Oh CRAP!! I hope you find out it's not as bad as it sounds. Geeze.

    Sending good thoughts your way.

  6. Janet: My sympathies go out to you in the days ahead. I'm sure if you think about it though there are much worse things that could have happened. No one was injured, no law suits, no loss of health. Enjoy the stiring up of the routines. They are all over the map stirred up huh? Good luck.

  7. Ugh...hope this isn't as serious as it sounds.

  8. Oh, I would not wish this for you, or for anyone else. Maybe you will find something else, positive, while you are fixing the problem. I hope that all turns out well.

  9. Oh Janet! I hope you guys can get that all fixed. What a mess to have happen on your nice long weekend!


  10. My gosh Janet.........Do you need two builders to help hubby and I will be right over! (Well I wish I could help you) we know about this kind of thing and hubby just asked me about 8 quick questions when I told him about this post of yours. not an easy job so we hope it is not what you think and that the leak is someplace else.

    best of luck to you both.

  11. Oh dear, what a waste of a weekend. There is nothing worse than when water invades your home it soul destroying. I speak from experience I once lived in a house where the kitchen and dining room flooded. xx


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