Friday, September 01, 2006

Fall Colors

Can you believe it's September already?!! I wish I could tell you it was beginning to feel like fall around here but it isn't! We're still having very warm weather....mostly in the 90's.

Fall has always been one of my favorite times of year. I'm anxious for it to get here so I thought maybe if I posted some fall photos it would help! I love all the vibrant colors of the trees, and the sky just seems to be bluer than usual. Living here in the high desert we don't have too much of a fall season and not too many trees turn color. We do have one tree in the backyard that will turn a beautiful deep burgundy color and I will be sure to take photos when that happens.

When we lived in Colorado I enjoyed the aspens as they turn a wonderful golden color. Our property had so many aspens on it. One year they didn't turn golden but were a blackish color! I think that year we had a very wet summer and fall and that was the reason. It was a bit strange.

Here is a photo HB took on the road to Pike's Peak during the fall. I think this is Crystal Lake, and as you can see the aspens are beginning to turn a golden yellow.

Here is another photo taken the same day in the same area.

Where I grew up in Illinois we had great fall colors. There were two very large public parks where I loved to walk in the fall. There's something about leaves crunching underfoot that always gets to me. And I love sweaters and jackets and boots! I guess I really should live someplace not quite so hot!

My kids and I used to go to one of the big parks, build a fire and roast hotdogs and marshmallows. I remember raking leaves and burning them in the street at my grandma's house in Illinois. That was before all kinds of regulations when you could still burn leaves. That's one of those smells that I can always recall.

What are your favorite fall memories?


I've been tagged by Daisy Lupin for a little book thingie. I was supposed to grab the first book, turn to page 123, scroll down five sentences and then copy out the next three. So here goes: "Here the peasants could shed their snow-laden fur-skin jackets and leave their huge straw overboots. A door led from the hall into the large main room, which was literally a living room. Here the housewife did the cooking for her family on the great fireplace, which had a built-in oven at one side. The fire was never allowed to go out from the time of the first frost until the spring thaw, and the coffee-pot on the hearth was as constant as the fire." I added one extra sentence because I thought it was called for!

Now let me explain this book. The name of it is The Decorative Arts of Sweden by Iona Plath. It is one of those Dover books and I had recently brought it into the office to look through and do some research. It was the book on my desk at the time. I actually had to go to page 125 to get text as page 123 only had photos! Does that mean I'm cheating!! :-)

Not so exciting but I was instructed to choose the first book at hand and other than a dictionary this was it!


  1. spring here! I love autumn(fall) and I love spring - winter is fine but summer *yuck* - ahh well - at least once summer is over, you know it won't be back for a few months! Your photos are like a postcard, what beautiful scenery - I too, remember those backyard burns - same here now - no burning off. kids miss out so much these days. have a wonderful weekend xo

  2. What wonderful photos, especially the one of the leaves. I love autumn too and we have a beautiful September day here,blue skies, sun and a few high clouds. The thought of anyone burning leaves makes me feel quite faint - all that wonderful potential leaf mould going to waste! I'm glad that times have changed from that point of view at any rate. The leaves are the food of the woodlands as they rot down and feed the trees - the circle of life is constantly turning.

  3. miss r - I for one am ready for this summer to leave! It has been just too hot for too long.

    rowan - the reason we burned the leaves was it was in the city, not out in the countryside. I agree about the natural circle of life.

  4. We're still in the 90's here too! No fall colors yet, but then we don't get too many as you know! I love that crisp feel in the air and starting to cook more of the comfort type food instead of lighter summer fare.
    Loved the pics of Colorado

  5. You'd love our cooler temps here. It was downright nippy this morning. Had to put on a sweatshirt for our morning walk, and I was still cold (54ºF)! Our August nights and mornings have been too cool for me. Nice temps during the day though. Fall is gorgeous here, but I'd rather have the summer temps anyday! Our summers are much too short here in NY.
    Your pictures are beautiful!

  6. I Love fall too!! And I Love the pics of Colorado. Daniel and I traveled through Colorado on our way home from Washington. Its so gorgeous! You really should move here to Tennessee,,we have a very beautiful Fall here. We could meet and go on long walks and crunch leaves together. That looks like a cool book! Have a great week-end Sweet Janet!!

  7. Growing up in Minnesota, I too have fond memories of crunching through 3 or 4 inches of leaves, smelling like toast on dry days or like a shallow stream on wet days. Thanks for the reminder.

    Only trouble with fall and fall colors is that just around the corner is this...

  8. sue - I'm ready for comfort food, too.

    kerri - I wish we had a bit of your cool temps right now.

    beth - If we move to TN you're on for a walk!

    robin - beautiful photo!

  9. One of my favorite fall memories was raking leaves with my mom. We would rake them into the largest pile EVER, then I would jump in them:)

  10. Beautiful photos, Janet!
    And I like your meme. I wondered to myself....."what the heck is a meme? Have I gotten myself in too deep with saying I`d try one? LOL"
    Daisy kindly explained it all.
    I like those Dover books. There`s some really nice info and pictures in them.
    I think you did a fine job.
    Enjoy our mutual long weekend!! Didn`t know you guys had it there either.


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