Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I'm so fashionable....NOT!!

I'm a little late today getting something written. I got up and had some errands to run, and while I was out I picked up the new issue of Interweave Crochet magazine. I almost didn't buy it because the cover looks as if the girl is wearing a bedjacket!! But I did a quick flip through and decided to go ahead and take a chance. Now I'm glad I did. There are quite a few interesting articles and some really cute designs inside. I'm not sure why they chose "Miss Bedjacket" for the cover when there are some other really cute choices inside....but then I'm not a magazine editor! And since this is Fashion Week in NYC I thought it only appropriate to have something fashion related here on my little blog! For me Fashion Week usually means I just bought a new pair of jeans! A fashionista I am not!!

This jacket caught my eye right away. The color is great and it's described as a fitted and flared coat. I think it could be very versatile, like over nice pants or even jeans. This was designed by Mari Lynn Patrick.

This next one is a page of ads but I especially like the blue sweater on the right side. The other outfit is cute (not for me) and the man's hat just tops it off.

I love this skirt!! If I was 30 years younger and (hand over mouth) mumble, mumble...pounds lighter I would definitely make this skirt. Maybe in a different color for me since I look dead in yellows or oranges! But I like it. It has pear-shaped motifs between the panels but they don't show up in this picture. This was designed by Annie Modesitt.

This sweater is just adorable and made with simple granny squares but not in the traditional way. These are made using one color per square. They also show a child's version done as a pullover....very cute. Designed by Valentina Devine.

My personal opinion is this purse/messenger bag would look better made with a solid color. With the yarn they used the leaf shapes almost get lost in the busy-ness of everything. I think I would do the bag in a deep, rich chocolate color and then make the leaves in fall colors of rust, dark gold, burnt orange, and maybe a little dark olive green. Designed by Judith L. Swartz. She is also the author of Hip to Crochet

Ok, now I guess I should go round up my crochet hooks and get busy. I wish I could say I'm gonna do that but the truth is it's still a little too hot for me to crochet. They are promising some cooler temps by tomorrow so maybe I'll begin to feel human again.


  1. I never learned to crotchet. Some of these are lovely though!
    It's very warm here, but it was beautiful walking at the waterfront this AM. There was a cute sea lion just frolicking in the channel...

  2. Oh Gosh Janet...I love the blue sweater...same one as you do....and that skirt is incredible...I didn't know that you could crochet like this!!!! Ummmm......fantastic

  3. I love the little Nausha Jacket/top, it's so feminine and pretty..
    Im laughing with you over the Hand mumble ..poundslighter/ thinnier/ younger etc..add words thing!! I wish I was in my 30's again and able to wear more things, but alas my body is now in revolt over anything
    Thanks for the chuckle and glorious dreams of pretty clothes again..
    PEace, Kai.

  4. I crochet too. Where can I get the instructions for the next to the bottom sweater? The granny square one. I want to make that one for sure. Really cute. Maybe you could drop by my blog and leave me that info. I'd appreciate that a lot. Thanks

  5. I'm sure any of those pieces would look lovely on you. I'm overweight, so I have to wear big bulky things that make me look even bulkier! grrrrr. But that's ok. grin.

  6. OK, It is Interweave Magazine, but I sure cannot see the month/date. Maybe you could let me know that. Maybe I can find it in a library and copy out the instructions. I really want to make that sweater. Please, oh please. Thanks Janet


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